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News Local man banned from campus
October 24, 2008

By Adam Kommel
Orient Staff

For the third time in a month, the Office of Safety and Security has issued an alert for a man following a female student.

Brunswick resident Michael C. Barry, 19, was issued a criminal trespass warning on Thursday after trailing a female Bowdoin student in his red 1995 Cadillac El Dorado late Wednesday night.

Around midnight, a female sophomore Bowdoin student pulled out of the Brunswick Apartments parking lot onto Longfellow Street with a non-student female friend. As she drove down Longfellow Street, the student noticed a red Cadillac parked on Longfellow St. with its headlights shining on her car. The man in the Cadillac then followed her at varying distances on Longfellow St.

The student then turned left on Coffin Street, planning on returning to her residence. Noticing that the red Cadillac was still following her, she decided to head to the safety and security office on Bath Road. After turning right on College Street, toward the Outdoor Leadership Center, she turned left onto Sills Drive and then left onto Bath Road.

The Cadillac continued to follow her, and though the student wanted to turn into the Security parking lot, she worried about what might happen if she stopped the car, and so she continued down Bath Road.

Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols said that continuing down the road was a good decision.

"She did all the right things," Nichols said.

The student then made a left onto Maine Street and called Security from her cell phone.

As she turned left onto College Street, Security advised her to pull into the Security lot, and so she turned left onto Sills Drive again. At the intersection of Sills and Bath, a Security officer started tailing the Cadillac.

The student then pulled into the parking lot, but the Cadillac continued down Bath Road.

By this time, the Security office had notified the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) of the situation. After going around the right side of the First Parish Church, the Cadillac turned left onto Maine Street, and then turned right on McKeen Street, where the Security officer tailing the Cadillac signaled it to pull over.

While still in their cars, the Security offer questioned the suspect, but Barry soon sped off, at which point Security updated the BPD on Barry's actions.

"We don't engage in chases," Nichols explained.

About 20 minutes later, the BPD located Barry in his vehicle. After chases on car, on foot, and through water, the BPD finally apprehended the suspect, who has been charged with operating under the influence and eluding an officer.

On October 7, Stuart Bull of Brunswick was issued a criminal trespass warning for Bowdoin property after following a female student on foot. Benjamin J. Marlowe was issued a warning after pursuing a female student by car on September 25.

Nichols said that he is pleased with the reaction of the students on campus who have been followed by suspicious men.​

"In each instance, our students did a very good job of handling the situation," said Nichols.

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Pretty interesting story, especially to learn that they can pull cars over. I know, not in the sense of a traffic stop, but being security, it's good to know that the officer did it and was backed up.

But talk about a detailed story, every twist and turn. A little much and the editor should have caught that, but the fact that she rememberd her whole route like
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