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An allegedly crack-addicted hooker who demanded $2,000 from frightened Dedham bank tellers but fled before she could collect is in custody after she concocted a sex-soaked abduction tale in an apparent bid to throw sleuths off her trail, police said.
Rosemary Maddrey, 43, of Hyde Park is charged with attempted robbery after police said she eventually admitted to being the would-be stick-up gal.
Police said two tellers were on duty yesterday morning at the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union on Eastern Avenue when Maddrey allegedly stormed in hollering "This is a hold-up. Give me $2,000," according to a police report.
Startled by the robbery attempt one of the tellers fled, but this in turn spooked Maddrey, who ran out of the bank with no cash, police said. As she drove away, one of the tellers managed to jot down her license-plate number and passed the information to police.
As Dedham police detective Robert Walsh launched his investigation, Boston police got a 911 call from a woman who claimed she was carjacked and imprissoned in the trunk of a Ford Taurus. When Boston cops found her she claimed she had been freed and told cops her story, they said.
Maddrey said after working as a hooker downtown she "turned her last trick" at a posh downtown hotel around 7 a.m. and was driving to her boyfriend's home when she was carjacked by two men, taken to a house where she was held prisoner, then put into her car trunk, driven around and suddenly released, according to a BPD report.
When police found the car she was allegedly held captive in, the plates matched the Dedham getaway car and the robber's clothing lay in the back seat police said.
Dedham detective Walsh arrived and confirmed Maddrey was the same woman police were looking for in connection with the robbery. Dedham police said she later recanted the abduction tale.
"Once at the station, the suspect . . . admitted to the attempted robbery," Dedham police said in a statement. Maddrey is expected to be arraigned for attempted robbery tomorrow in Dedham District Court, and will face obstruction of justice charges in Boston, police said.
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