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Boston Special Officer test

Discussion in 'Boston' started by badge14, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. badge14

    badge14 Subscribing Member

    Does anyone by any chance know what the Boston Special Officer test is on?I have heard that it is on rule 400 but I am not too sure how true this is as everyone who I ask says that there are not too sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. BWH LT

    BWH LT MassCops Member

    A good portion of the test is on Rule 400. There are also questions about criminal law and procedures. If you've taken the required training courses, they would have covered all this material!
  3. Mmp1

    Mmp1 New Member

    the test is pretty easy and straight forward, as long as you know everything about rule 400, which isnt that much, you will do fine
  4. badge14

    badge14 Subscribing Member

    thats awsome thank you so much! this has cleared up a lot!

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