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Boston Police Lateral Transfer

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Letter of Interest & resume due by Jan. 6th
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Any chance in hell they’d open it to out of state officers? I work in RI and would be interested.
Sorry I should have clarified, do you think they would ever open up applications that aren’t through civil service? I just saw the BPD Commissioner say that they’re at 1600 officers down from 2000.

My agency can’t be much worse tbh.
Politics and cronyism is about 1,000,000 times worse without Civil Service, that’s why so many municipalities want to get rid of it. They can disregard exam scores and hire the best friend’s cousin’s nephew of the water department commissioner.

People who complain about Civil Service are generally the ones who couldn’t score well enough on the exam to be hired.
I definitely see that side to it, but it seems like agencies are definitely limiting candidate pools by being a part of Civil Service, especially with how recruitment is going for this job now. I don’t see why someone who lives in another state and wants to move to Boston can’t apply and get a job. Most large agencies allow that and there are very few that have the rules Boston has.

I could definitely see the nepotism thing being rampant in small town departments.
1 - 3 of 48 Posts