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The FBI says Marc Keyser sent more than 120 packages.

This package sent to the Boston Herald contained a CD and a packet of sugar labeled with the word "anthrax."


BOSTON (WBZ) ― The Boston Herald and The Christian Science Monitor are the latest news organizations to receive a package labeled "anthrax" that was part of a national hoax.

Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald said the Herald building was evacuated after an employee opened the package Thursday and called authorities. It contained a CD and a packet of sugar labeled with the word "anthrax."

MacDonald said the package has been connected to the national hoax, in which a number of newspapers and television stations received similar mailings.

The building was evacuated shortly after 1 p.m.

Roughly 150 workers were let back into the building about an hour later when no threat was found.

Boston police said they are also investigating a similar call that came in from the Christian Science Monitor on Mass. Ave. just after 3 p.m. Someone had received a package with a "white substance." The building was not evacuated.

The FBI said a California man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sending more than 100 similar letters.
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