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Boston Broadcast Legend Dies

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by kwflatbed, Jul 8, 2010.

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    John Henning Dies After Cancer Treatment

    Boston broadcast legend John Henning died Wednesday night, according to a spokesman for his family. He was 73.

    Henning, a veteran news reporter and political analyst, worked at three Boston television stations during his long career.

    Henning worked for WCVB-TV during the 1970s, before leaving to work at Channel 7 in Boston. In 1982, he went to work for WBZ-TV, where he worked until his retirement in 2003.

    "Some people think I'm boring, that I don't smile enough," Henning told the Boston Globe in 1981, after he announced his resignation from Channel 7. "But my philosophy is that anything that takes away from the job of presenting the news, that is distractive to the viewer, is bad. I'm talking about things like hairstyle and clothes and mannerisms."

    In his retirement, he continued as a political commentator for WBZ Radio.

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    Rest in Peace Mr. Henning
  3. Kilvinsky

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    Every now and then someone in the media EARNS my respect. This guy earned it in spades. Maybe, just maybe it was because his DAD was a cop and he learned HOW to be a decent human being, but I think he just had basic integrity and class.

    He'll be missed. Ch. 4 is the last hold out for class when it comes to TV news. Ch. 5 has some, Ch. 25 a touch of it, but Ch. 7 is a freaking joke. CELEBRITIES doing the overly sensationalized news, NOT news people just doing news. Yes, I HATE ch. 7. (He used to work there for a bit. He left. I'm not sure if it's because he couldn't take their crappy style or they didn't feel an old guy with brains fit in, either way, I was glad he left that toilet.)

    John Henning was a NEWS person, a REAL news person and a real class guy.:frown: Pardon the pun, but he was one of a dying breed.
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    John Henning had a modest cottage down in the Poppinessett section of Mashpee for years in an old school neighborhood in that was built when normal, working class people could buy a small summer cottage. My great-uncle lived four houses down year round from him for decades, acting as the caretaker of the neighborhood before passing away in 1999. As Henning made the wake and came through the receiving line he said to me, "You must be his nephew 'Obie'. He talked about you a lot." For a 15 year old, that meant a great deal.

    The other thing I remember is that I was 6 feet tall then as I am now and he made me feel small. He was 6'4" 260 easy.

    He was a real class act.

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