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Boston-Based Soldiers Welcomed Home From Iraq

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Apr 12, 2008.

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    [​IMG] Soldiers from the 719th Transportation Battalion return to Boston after a 13-month deployment in Iraq.

    BOSTON (AP) ― A Boston-based Army Reserve unit returned home Saturday after a 13-month deployment that included nine months in Iraq.

    The 719th Transportation Battalion was welcomed home by family and friends at a special ceremony at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

    Senator John Kerry spoke at the event.

    More than 60 members of the unit from across New England were deployed in March 2007.

    Commander Lieutenant MacKinnon says the 719th's main mission was to provide movement control over Iraq's roads.

    'Hero's Welcome' Given To Soldiers Home From Iraq

    Battalion Spent 13 Months Overseas

    BOSTON -- After a year of waiting and worrying, area families got to say “welcome home” to their loved ones.

    NewsCenter 5’s Todd Kazakiewich reported local soldiers received a hero’s welcome Saturday night, after months in the warzone in Iraq.

    [​IMG]Watch Video

    “It was a good deployment for us. We came home with everybody. We all stuck together as a team and made it through. We’re just happy to be back in America,” said Spc. Julie Smith.

    Sixty Army reservists from the 719th Movement Control Battalion spent 13 months overseas. They spent nine of those months in Iraq.

    “I just want to thank all of the soldiers but especially the families, because the families have it harder than any soldier has it in Iraq right now,” said battalion commander, Col. Bill Mackinnon.

    “They have been the scariest 18 months of my life,” said Mackinnon’s daughter Courtney Mackinnon. “A lot has happened, and I’m just so happy he’s home. It’s scary when you don’t hear from your dad for a week and a half, or two weeks.”

    At the “Welcome Home” ceremony, Sen. John Kerry spoke to the troops.

    “A profound thank-you to the soldiers, and to you families, who have also served in the way that you have,” he said.

    The soldiers’ next assignment: readjusting to life in America with their families.

    “It’s finally setting in, looking around at all the people. Familiar sights and sounds, and finally people wearing Red Sox hats,” said Sgt. Robert Moore

    Though they were half a world away, the soldiers said they did get to see the Red Sox win the World Series last year. Now that they’re home, some said they hope to make it over to Fenway for a few games.
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    Thank you! I am glad to be home again.
  3. Delta784

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    Good job soldiers, welcome home!
  4. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Welcome home brothers and sisters. Thank you for your service to our great nation. Please disregard anything John Kerry had to say at your homecoming !!!!!!!!!
  5. pballernh

    pballernh New Member

    I think listening to John Kerry was the last thing on our minds.

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