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Boot camp... Good memories.

Discussion in 'Military News' started by sgthoskins, May 15, 2009.

  1. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    Well great memories if you ask me. I stumbled upon this pic today while searching for some USMC pics on Google. It brought back some good memories.


    It reminded me of boot camp and what a great three months that was. :p
    I remember being 17 and enlisting. Every male in my family has served in the military and I was going to be the third Marine.

    My two uncles had both been Marines and gave me the "low down" on boot camp. I remember at 17 I was in great shape, all-state in Minnesota for football, baseball, and hockey. High school was a breeze for me I hadn't had a real challenge in life by 18 but then not many kids do. I thought I would breeze through boot camp.

    I remember talking with my uncles and thinking to myself, "Shit if uncle Scott could do it I know I can." Not that my uncle Scott was a weak man, he was just not a big guy. I think he weighed about 165 or so. He was a role model for me growing up and we did a lot of cool stuff together i.e. fishing, hunting, biking etc. He said "Derek I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to be hard. I know you can do it just don't give up." Again I thought to myself "If little Scott can do it, it might be hard but I'll make it."

    I'll never forget stepping off of that bus at MCRD San Diego with two Drill instructors looking like they wanted to rip my throat out and eat it while I bled out. I could take the screaming, hell any kid who had a dad can take some yelling, I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for was the sleep deprivation. I think they had us up for three days straight until we got picked up by our Instructor team.

    After 72 hours of no sleep and a lot of hazing they finally let us hit the rack. I remember laying in a squad bay of about 90 or so other schmucks thinking to myself "What the fuck did I get myself in to??? These fuckers are going to eat me alive!" 8-O Well exactly 45 minutes later they woke us up, I think that 45 minute cat nap made it worse, and had us running around again.

    I was under the assumption that the entire three months was going to be like the first three days. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. I could hear some guys crying and I realized some guys already gave up. For the Marines on this board you know what I'm talking about. The initial shock is a fun one. :p

    Once we got picked up by our team and got in to a routine it was for the most part very doable. Our 90+ man platoon ended up around 62 or so, as some of the "gang bangers" and other weak minded sheep couldn't handle it.

    Sure enough 13 weeks later the Corps did what it has done for over 233 years, made me in to who I am today. :D

    Me and my Senior Drill Instructor SSGT Hinch.

    My shooting buddy Cole McGowan and I.

    Winning 1996 Rifle team.
    The Skipper, SGT Herman, SSGT Watkins, Me, SSGT Everett, and CWO2 Garcia
  2. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Thanks for the stories and pics!

    I'm about to enter the shitstorm down in Quantico in less than a couple weeks... Any advice?
  3. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    When I was in a spot that was difficult I would always look around and think "If that guy can do it I sure as hell can." There are going to be guys there who you know you can beat, you keep in your head if they can you can. It's 95% mental, the physical part is easy.
  4. justanotherparatrooper

    justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :) Staff Member

    When I went in I was 17, I was flown to Ft Jackson for intake for a couple days but nothing spectaclar.WE then had a 14 hr bus ride to Harmony CHurch, Ft Benning. We arrived at some ungodly hour and went through the same shit. drill Sgts screaming at us to get off the bus , grab a bag...anyfucking bag and get into formation but all in all basic and AIT wasnt that tough for me. I agree though its the sleep deprivation that gets you worst....especially in WWII era buildings with no ac in the Georgia. Like most I agree its all 99 % mental toughness...NEVER QUIT.
    Airborne school was ok, again theyre just trying to weed out the shitbirds wasting their time.I remember doing the PT test and cranking out a hundred push ups and the final count they credited me for was like 74 .We had 5 SEALS going through with us...and they really got shit on, Id count these guys at a 100 pushups at a shot for a gig and they got gigged ALOT.
    RIP and Ranger schools just sucked the big one . I have never done so many pushups/pullups and force marches in my freakin life. We got maybe 2-3 hrs sleep(not all at once) in a 24 hr period. God help you if you forgot the Ranger Creed or Rodgers Rules or anything else for that matter. Never forget dropping into Victory pond that last time or the guys that were devasted finding out they were nogo AFTER 68 days of hell. You were always being evaluated both by the RI's and peer review and if you failed to meet the standard you were nogo....but not told till the end of school.I'll try and find some pictures.
  5. JF5

    JF5 MassCops Member

    June 1985 headed off to Atlanta then enroute Columbus to Ft Benning. Arrived at 2100 at night and they told us our bunks wouldn't be ready for 4 hours so stand at Parade rest till further notice. I was thinking: you got to be kidding me...stand here for 4 hours! We actually stood there for 2 hours...bunked down and woke up to in-processing. After a week of inprocessing my first day in basic was my birthday....boy oh boy I thought..what a hell of a way to celebrate!

    As the other guys have mentioned. It is 95% mind games and just look at the most out of shape guy whenever you feel like quitting...if he is suceeding and not giving up....that is your motivation! The only way you will fail is if you are a shitbag! Keep yourself sqaured away and locked in!

  6. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I've said it before....drill sergeants/drill instructors/training instructors are all frustrated comedians; get past the mind games, and they're positively hilarious. More than once, I was trying to not laugh as the guy next to me was crying (granted I went to a military high school so I knew most of the script already).
  7. k12kop

    k12kop MassCops Member

    Have any of you guys checked out the websites? Good way to reconnect with people that you served with. I heard from my bunkmate from bootcamp He's a doctor now working at Penn State. I was a pretty sorry recruit and caused him a whole lot of push ups, mountain climbers and bends -n- mothers!
  8. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    If I could find mine, I'd like to punch him in the face; he and another guy came up with a cockamamie scheme to get discharged by intentionally not qualifying with the M-16, and I got caught up in the resulting shit-storm, even though I was consistently shooting expert and had no knowledge of it.
  9. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    Isn't that the best of memories, not finding out about your buddies screw up until the punishment was dished out. It is amazing how some guys would freak out under pressure. My battle buddy, more than once, put his BDU trousers on backwards and went to training. Also, jammed his feet in to the wrong boot, grab someone else's rifle, pro mask on upside down. It got retarded. It is funny thinking about it know, but back then, I just wanted to pound his face in to the ground. Of course, during the night, some spec op missions were conducted upon a select few for F-ing over the rest of us. Ahhh, the fun of it all.
  10. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Thanks for all of the stories and words of advice!

    Keep 'em coming

    . . . Sorry sgthoskins if I am hijacking the thread
  11. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Ft Knox, KY. Three words: Agony, Misery, and Heartbreak. I went through as a tanker and got reclassified halfway through. Years later I had a platoon sergeant (former Vietnam Marine) in Germany back around 88/89 who wanted to reclass into one of those units with the funny hats. I followed in his footsteps and also decided to spend some time teaching our future enemies how to kill us :cool:

    But I've never seen more hell and furry than those poor little RIPsters at Camp Rogers who didn't know the Ranger creed...holy f*cking shit...
  12. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    It's not a hijack CTrain. If you get some good advice it was well worth my time.
  13. JF5

    JF5 MassCops Member

    Yeah, we had a few night time recon missions....sewed our local screwup to his bunk while he was sleeping...the shitbag didn't even wake up...and when he did he must of felt like Gulliver!

    Oh CTrain, whatever you do..DON'T LOSE YOUR COOL AND YELL AT YOUR DI/INSTRUCTOR....I guarantee you it will be the longest day of your life!!

    That's a true story!
  14. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Someone in my BT company asked "why" when the First Sergeant (a.k.a. God) dropped him for pushups.

    It wasn't pretty.
  15. Sgt.Joe Friday

    Sgt.Joe Friday MassCops Member

    I was at Fort Benning Georgia for advanced training. I remember how beautiful the road way looked when I arrived by bus in the spring.Then I found the swamps, snakes, red clay, insects and every other god forsaken element in Georgia. The DI would be yelling & screaming in a southern Droll that a young recruit from Massachusetts couldn't understand what the hell he wanted you to do. Seems like we doubled time everywhere no southern strolls here.
    Good training it was called.
    Ah yes we all remember our training, and somehow it changed each and everyone of us.
  16. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    Made from the blood of commies. The same blood that made the grass grow.
  17. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Anything that sucks really bad is called good training.
  18. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Somehow, the military makes supposedly fun things not fun. Long hikes in the woods, camping under the stars, jumping out of planes...all end up sucking big donkey balls in the military.
  19. MCADPD24

    MCADPD24 MassCops Member

    Thank you for your service
  20. New Member

    I found this thread because I was looking up on google to see if I could find my favorite D.I., SSgt Hinch, and I guess I did. I was in his very first platoon when he started as a junior D.I. Glad to see he made it to Senior!
  21. DEI8

    DEI8 Supporting Member

    I definately cherish all the memories of Bootcamp, but most are not good memories.

    The screamming of "Nut to But" still makes me wanna laugh when i here it.

    And the dam metal trash can at 0330, just plain sucks as they are screamming "drop your cocks and grab your socks".

    Lots still make me smile as I am thinking of them.

    SgtHoskins Thanks for starting this one.
  22. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    That's pretty remarkable. He was a great Senior. I heard he was a SGTMAJ now. I've been trying to locate him to say hi.
  23. New Member

    That's awesome. I was really surprised to be able to find him out here. He's the only D.I. I remember by name.

    My favorite D.I. SSgt Hinch story:

    We were all sitting at our footlockers cleaning our rifles, turned to face the classroom. He had a recruit he was thrashing in the classroom, of course we were all watching while cleaning our rifles. The recruit was a bit of a wiseass and thought he could get out of being bent by sand bagging.

    SSgt Hinch wasn't fooled, he told him if he could just do 20 push ups he could leave. So like an idiot the recruit did 20 push ups really fast. Then he yelled at him for sand bagging and the recruit denied it. So SSgt Hinch turned to us and asked if anyone saw him sand bagging and then doing 20 perfect push ups just to stop being bent. About half a dozen people raised their hand.

    SSgt Hinch told the recruit he could leave and that all the knuckleheads that raised their hands to get in his classroom. He thrashed them all. I tried not to laugh.
  24. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    Good story. He was a great senior DI.

    He was on duty for the night shift and we had our last round of boxing the next morning for training. It was the one where you get to pick who you wanted to fight. I was 1st squad leader and had been thrashed about 100 times because of this shit head from Colorado in my squad. Ellis was his name. I tried to meet him in the head one night to kick his ass, he didn't show and then told on me. SSGT Hinch called me in to his office and told me to let it go as he wasn't worth it.

    So that night during hygiene inspection SSGT Hinch asked who I wanted to fight. I replied "Sir this recruit wants to fight recruit Ellis sir!!!" He laughed and said "You're not fighting him Hoskins, you'll kill him. Relax Ellis, Hoskins isn't fighting you..." And he walked away, as he did Ellis gave me a smirk and I was fuming mad... Hinch left that morning and our strong junior DI came on duty. SGT Morales, he was on the USMC boxing team, was one hard mofo, and literally hated Ellis as much as I did. He's a SGTMAJ now too, I've been in contact with him since then.

    So he walks down the squad bay that morning asking everyone who the match ups were. He gets to me and says "Hoskins who are you fighting?" I said "Sir this recruit wanted to fight recruit Ellis sir, but Drill Instructor SSGT Hinch said it was a no-go..." He then yelled, "ELLIS IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GETTING YOUR ASS KICKED TODAY!". Inside I was screaming "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    When we got to the squared ring, SGT Morales had grabbed a few of the other DI's to watch Ellis and I fight. As soon as the whistle blew I let it fucking fly, I hit that bitch in the face non-stop until he hit the dirt. The whole time SGT Morales was screaming "FUCKING DO SOMETHING ELLIS!"

    Both of his eyes were almost swollen shut by the time we got to the chow hall. That is when SSGT Hinch saw Ellis and said "You fucking fought Hoskins didn't you?" as he was shaking his head...

    It was sweet justice. I was hoping I would run in to the broke dick Ellis in the fleet but I never saw him again. :p
  25. New Member

    That sounds like SSgt Hinch. One thing I always got from him was that no matter how hard he was deep down he did care.

    Sadly I wasn't able to finish boot. During 2nd I managed to break both my feet. While I was in MRP they pulled me out to get my wisdom teeth pulled. There I was, walking back to the barracks on crutches and a mouth full of gauze with a D.I. walking towards me. Of course it was D.I. SSgt Hinch. He yells, Keyton is that you?! I try to yell back, Yes, sir! He gives me a weird look and then asks if I just came from dental and I said yes. He laughed and told me to carry on. Last time I saw him.

    I was dropped back to 2nd phase and broke my left foot again doing the grim reaper.

    Few weeks later I was discharged. Five and a half months just not to make it. It was hard, but I still love the corps.

    We had a fuck up too, Recruit Cole. Only recruit's name I remember.

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