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The Associated Press

Seven people are dead after a string of gruesome attacks in the Mexican border city of Juarez.
State police say a man's burned and headless body was found dumped in front of a police station. His severed hands lay next to his body, each holding kitchen lighters. A note left behind was directed to the Aztecas drug gang.
Police later found two men and two women executed in a sport utility vehicle parked outside a Social Security clinic. And a woman's body was found stuffed in a black trash bag.
Police chased a truck that opened fire on a state vehicle, causing a car crash that killed a bystander and injured four others.
All of the deaths were Monday. Police are investigating.

Wire Service

I would venture to bet that this is the result of prohibition of substances (read between the lines - DRUGS).

It's a matter of time before this $hit starts happening on the US side of the border if its not already happening.

We have to find a way to take the $$ value out of this industry or we are in for more fight than we can afford.
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