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Many of the soft body armor vests made with combined materials don't do well in protecting against bunt force trauma. Sure the bullet doesn't go through but you get internal dammage and bleeding due to your body taking the blunt force of the expended energy of the bullet.

As well point blank has used Zylon in many of their vests. Zylon has been found to fail due to premature aging based on temperature and other environmental considitions. This has been a very big prolem for Second Chance...but any mfg using zylon may have the same problems. If it has Zylon, until all the tests are in, I would not buy it.

07/29/2004 | Print this article | EMail this article to a friend |

NIJ Request for Models of Used Body Armor

At the direction of the Attorney General, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the Office of Justice Programs is examining the performance of used Zylon®-based body armor. Law enforcement agencies can provide essential support to this effort in three ways.

One test protocol requires NIJ to obtain specific, randomly selected units of used armor that were purchased using Federal funds. In the coming weeks, law enforcement agencies from around the country that own the desired armor(s) will be contacted and asked to submit the armor(s) and information regarding their usage history to NIJ. Agencies that provide these armor(s) at NIJ's request will receive funding to replace the armor(s).

In addition, NIJ has an immediate need for heavily-worn Ultima® or Ultimax® armors made by Second Chance Body Armor that also have the "Performance Pac" inserts provided by Second Chance. Agencies that have such armor are urged to contact the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) toll free at 800-248-2742, or by e-mail at [email protected]. If armor(s) are requested from an agency, funds will be provided to replace them.

At this time, NIJ also is gathering samples of used Zylon®-based body armor made by other manufacturers that vary in age, usage history, and geographic location of use. If your agency has used armor(s) that you are willing to volunteer for testing, please contact NLECTC to determine whether these armors may be helpful to NIJ's initiative. If armor(s) are requested from an agency, funds will be provided to replace them.

Thank you for your assistance with this extremely important law enforcement safety issue.

Point of Contact:
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC)
Toll-free: 800-248-2742
E-mail: [email protected]

For additional information on the Attorney General's Body Armor Safety Initiative, please visit the web site at:

Does anybody have any thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc, good, bad or indifferent regarding "Pointblank" body armor? Specifically about the quality, comfort, etc. I have read one article about negative test results from NYPD regarding 900 of their point blank vests. Any information is appreciated. Thanks...

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