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Blue whale sighted off Massachusetts

BOSTON, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- Whale researchers said they were shocked to
spot a rare blue whale 15 miles off the coast of Gloucester, Mass.

Researchers at the Whale Center of New England said they observed the
mammoth sea mammal for about 45 minutes Sunday while it was believed
to be feeding on a localized prey source, likely plankton, WCVB-TV,
Boston, reported Monday.

Staff at the Whale Center said photos taken of both sides of the whale
will be contributed to an ocean-wide census of more than 300 blue whales
that was coordinated by Canadian whale researchers.

The researchers said the whale was seen near about a dozen feeding
humpback whales.

Blue whales are the largest mammals on the planet. The largest blue whale
on record was 102 feet long.
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