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2 year old found in Spfld parking lot

Springfield Police Captain Cheryl Claprood told 22News at around 1:30AM Friday, a man left his girlfriend's two year old child in the car, so he could go into the K-Mart at the Liberty Street Plaza and buy a 51 inch television.

34 year old Anthony Perry of Springfield will be charged with reckless endangerment to a child.

Police caught up with Perry at his home in Springfield. He had his 51 inch T.V. with him.
Police are not sure how Perry was able to get from the K-Mart plaza to his home without taking the car he drove to the store.
Television = Precious cargo. Kid? Eh, i'll make more at taxpayers expense.

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Practical Scenario (Today) - The child is in his care and control of the child; he recklessly leaves her alone amongst a large crowd of strangers in a large city to shop on Black Friday, and gets charged appropriately.

Realistic Scenario (Later during a Bench Trial) - "Your honor, my client was SO distraught once he realized the child, which he loves to pieces, was not with him, that his addiction to television began to act up. This traumatic event, for which he is receiving "transitional" (err, lifetime) assistance and cannot work, caused him so much stress, that this debilitating disease from which he suffers caused him to go straight to the electronics section and purchase a 51 inch t.v."

Judge, at the conclusion of trial: I find the defendant not guilty. Counselor, the court hopes and prays your client gets the necessary treatment he needs.

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