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Police Recruitment Overview

The Billings Police Department is looking for qualified applicants and seeks only the finest men and women to serve as police officers. Police service is a demanding profession requiring the very best of each individual. The hours of work vary, as police must be able to respond twenty-four hours a day to meet the needs of the community. The Billings Police Department is dedicated to community policing as a philosophy through department-wide commitment. This also involves sharing responsibility with the community for identifying, prioritizing, and solving crime-related problems.

For those who are considering our area, we are located in beautiful south-central Montana along the Yellowstone River. Billings is on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and close to many excellent recreational opportunities.

The Billings Police Department offers wages that are competitive with other employers in the region and the department provides excellent benefits including paid health and life insurance for the employee and family. Employees accumulate a minimum of three weeks paid vacation per year. Police officers may retire after twenty years of service and are paid at the rate of 50% of their highest annual salary. Retirement is earned at an additional rate of 2½% per year for each year over twenty. Other benefits include all uniforms, equipment and weapons, a yearly footwear allowance, paid holidays and a competitive health plan. The work schedule for uniformed officers and detectives is four (4)-ten hour days with three days off.
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Applicant Requirements

Must be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years of age to apply
College degree and/or POST certification is preferred. Out-of-state POST certification is accepted provided the applicant has been employed as a law enforcement officer for at least one year
Must be in good physical condition with no impairments that would hinder ability to perform the duties of a police officer
Eyesight must be correctable to 20/20 in each eye and you must pass a color-blindness test
Applicant must be of good moral character and not have been convicted of any felony offense
Applicant must successfully complete the basic law enforcement academy or equivalency test, department field training program, and one year probationary period before being permanently appointed
Applicants who meet the above criteria and are POST certified will be given preference. Out-of-state POST certification must be eligible for transfer to Montana. You may check the status of your certification with Montana POST at (406) 444-3605/4108.

The City of Billings is an equal opportunity employer. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply. If you feel that you can meet the challenge of police service, the Billings Police Department welcomes your interest and application.

Selection Process

Written and physical agility testing
Interview board
Pre-employment background screening
Personality/psychological screening
Background investigation
Drug screening test
Conditional offer of employment
Medical examination

Obtaining an Application

The Billings Police Department, an Equal Opportunity Employer, can be contacted regarding applications for entry-level police officers. Successful applicants will be placed in a hiring pool to fill future vacancies.
Application packets may be obtained by stopping by or contacting the City of Billings Human Resources Office: 210 N 27th St., Billings, MT 59103 (406) 237.6210 or email Human Resources at [email protected].

Complete application packets must be submitted to the Human Resources Office.

The Billings Police Department only accepts applications during March.
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