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H.R. 6257: Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008

To reinstate the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act.
Rep. Mark Kirk [R-IL]

Cosponsors [as of 2008-11-07]
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL]
Rep. Michael Ferguson [R-NJ]
Rep. Christopher Shays [R-CT]
Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]
Did I mention that I hate R.I.N.O.s?

With all due respect to those who are prepared to sing "Kumbaya" with the left-wing Republicans until there is no more Republic left to save, I have to agree with Rep. Paul Ryan that the Republican Party needs to be flushed out with a fire hose.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in getting the conservative movement back on track, but if you believe, as many of us do, that it's long since time to get back to the conservative grassroots, we encourage you to join, a nationwide network of Reaganite conservative activists coming together locally to rebuild the conservative movement and block the left-wing agenda.

Even if you don't choose join, please do get involved.

The Republican party is a joke compared to its once proud and conservative past. Bunch of sellouts more interested in culling favor with their current masters than guardians of our Constitutional liberties.

Last one out, please remember to shut off the lights.
It's all cyclical, Wolf. The Republicans allowed the Democrats to get away with labeling Bush 43 a conservative (he's not even close), so they were terrified of nominating a conservative candidate, because of Bush's dismal approval ratings.

After 4 years of Obamessiah, the party will be clamoring for a true conservative candidate like Romney, Palin, or Jindal, and they'll get him/her. Let's just hope the Kool-Aid has worn off for the rest of the country by then.
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