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Are they any bike patrol officers here that could enlighten me to what products work and what dont work for bike partol some guestion i had where what do u use for a duty belt, do you have one specifically for the bike and one for uniform work? what shorts, shoes, gloves, and helmets do you recommend?
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Hey, hope the following helps; I'll make an assumption that you have a bike already so I'll just discuss uniforms stuff. From the top down helmet, anything that fits just make sure it's a "cop" color and never ride without it because you will fall!!! Blauer (not sure of spelling) makes excellent stuff. I rode in both hot and cold weather and their stuff is great. One thing, the pants have a liner, if you decide to use under ware make sure you go to a bike shop and get wicking liners!

Duty belt and etc. nylon is a must. Also, unlike in a car, you'll put stuff like cuff cases towards your back as your riding bent foward. Gloves and shoes, just hit a bike shop again for gloves. Believe it or not I used black areobics shoes because you'll spend a lot of time dismounted and their ok for running if you have to ditch your bike (aviod this)!!!

I uesd clips for the pedals, some guys hate them but it makes for more effective pedaling.

That's about it, enjoy the duty, your getting paid to work out!!
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