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Bike Patrol

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Are they any bike patrol officers here that could enlighten me to what products work and what dont work for bike partol some guestion i had where what do u use for a duty belt, do you have one specifically for the bike and one for uniform work? what shorts, shoes, gloves, and helmets do you recommend?
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Danman1116";p="64290 said:
how bout holsters? Do they make specific holsters for people on the bikes?
you have to have a drop holster. I use an Uncle Mikes.

I also have bike shoes with clips on the bottom, a must if you are going off road or over curbs.
DODK911";p="64768 said:
Tango, your kidding right? a drop holster and clipps on the bottom of your shoes? for Police Mountain Bike Officers? :shock: MGH-PD you never want the clips on your shoes as a bike officer, you will have no traction if you have to run, you want the plastic toe clips that are mounted to the front of your peddle and go over the front of your toe. As far as a holster, I would suggest a nylon mid or high ride, so it is as far off your thighs as possible.
My bike shoes are just like high top sneakers with clips in the middle of the sole. They have great traction for runnning. You do not want a high ride it will dig into you side when you lean over to ride the bike.
lt.drebbin";p="64777 said:
I agree with DODK911. The plastic toe clips are the way to go if you feel you really need something like that. I dont use either. As far as the holster goes no way would I use a drop holster.

You should wear the holster in the same area you always train in. If you go to the range and usually patrol with a mid or high holster then you should use a similar holster on the bike.

While the drop holster looks "Really Cool" its not practical for bike. Your legs are in constant motion on the bike. The weapon is more secure on your belt and you will be less likely to get it caught on something if your ride in brush or tight spaces.
Maybe I did not make myself clear, we are not talking about a tatical holster. I am taking about a Uncle Mikes Pro-3 triple retention that is on my belt and the rear of the gun is level with the top of the belt.

As far a clips go a lot of people fall and get hurt mountain biking using toe clips. They can not get their feet out quick enough. With the clips on the shoes all you have to do is a quick slight twist and you are free. When I did my IPMBA Class that is what the instructor told us was best.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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