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Bike Patrol

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Are they any bike patrol officers here that could enlighten me to what products work and what dont work for bike partol some guestion i had where what do u use for a duty belt, do you have one specifically for the bike and one for uniform work? what shorts, shoes, gloves, and helmets do you recommend?
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As far a clips go a lot of people fall and get hurt mountain biking using toe clips. They can not get their feet out quick enough. With the clips on the shoes all you have to do is a quick slight twist and you are free. When I did my IPMBA Class that is what the instructor told us was best.[/quote]

As a mountain biker, I see more people have trouble with clipless pedals (the industry name of the ones you use) than the older toe clip style pedal. Clipless pedals do require special shoes and the ones I have used are in no way good for running. They are made super rigid to make you foot part of the pedal when clipped in.
I always stick with using toe clips with enough slack left in the straps for quick entry/exit. I can't ride hard with flat pedals, and a few people can't manage toe clips. The important point for sport or patrol is to use that gear that you will work best with.
If your department uses shared bikes I would say it would be a bad idea to put clipless (snap in) pedals on the bikes. It would be like issuing "one-size-fits-some" uniforms.
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