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Big Law: Deputy Butterbean

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    Big Law: Deputy Butterbean

    Premieres Tues, August 9th 10/10:30 PM (ET)
    At 416 pounds, Eric Esch, known to the boxing world as "Butterbean," hit the heavyweight scene in the 90's like a lard-coated wrecking ball. After a successful stint in professional wrestling, he transformed himself into a fan favorite of Mixed Martial Arts fighting and his success has earned him a cult following. But now Butterbean is taking his hard earned, no-nonsense, tough guy reputation to the streets of his hometown: he's been deputized by the Walker County Sheriff's office, and he's on a one-man mission to bring back a sense of community safety… no matter how many asses he has to kick. In this new docu-reality series, BIG LAW: DEPUTY BUTTERBEAN follows "Bean" as he tries to fit in with the local police force, and his uniform.

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    What a freakin' farce! I hope every cop in the country refuses to watch this garbage.
  2. Title sounds like a comic strip.

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    After "COPS", it's been all down hill.

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