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As a dealer I often get police officers who need a backup gun or are responsible for their own guns (very small departments) and obviously would prefer to get the best price possible. What to do...what to do....

If your department authorizes the purchase it's always good to have an Individual Officer purchase letter for the gun/hi-cap LE Only mags and a FET form on file for the department. By having these two forms your dealer will be able to sell your the gun you need at the lowest price possible as they will purchase the gun from the vendor with no Federal Excise Tax (FET out). Since this gun will be a duty weapon, it is not considered a sporting firearm and there is a 10-11% reduction in price. As well from distributors, we often get a small discount for LE Only guns sold or you as an officer may get extra magazines or a tactical light or special deals on night sights.

That all being said, you may not be able to get the gun that you want that day but you can save yourself a lot of money.

If anyone wants generic copies of these documents, just let me know. I can e-mail them to you. and you can keep them in your department.
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