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best and worst gun shops

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The best gun shops in MA, (my humble opinion).

1. Four Seasons- Woburn (huge selection)
2. Law Enforcement Equip- Waltham (cop friendly)
3. Village Gun Shop- Northboro (good long weapon selection)

The Gun Room- Shrewsbury (long story, but i would never but anything there again) :NO:
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Quick "gun room" story, they tried to make me buy a trigger lock, for a brand new sig 226, CMR's say 2 things, 1 cops are exempt, 2. new guns must come with a trigger lock. After a brief "discussion" the militia type behind the counter started yelling, and tore up the paperwork.

A call to the A.G.'s office resulted in some pretty thorough ball busting, and they now have a sign that says, "all firearm prices include a trigger lock"

Though the gun laws in MA suck, I reall y have an issue with a gun store who tries to twist the law to make more $$

Wow since I started this thread let me update it.
Gfa- in natick is good as is B&k who offer transfers for $25, and mfs in Holliston always has a nice assortment
1 - 3 of 67 Posts
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