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best and worst gun shops

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by MiamiVice, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    The best gun shops in MA, (my humble opinion).

    1. Four Seasons- Woburn (huge selection)
    2. Law Enforcement Equip- Waltham (cop friendly)
    3. Village Gun Shop- Northboro (good long weapon selection)

    The Gun Room- Shrewsbury (long story, but i would never but anything there again) :NO:
  2. Sgt Jack

    Sgt Jack Subscribing Member

    I'll second on Four seasons being very good...A.G. guns in Lowell seems to have a good selection too..but I think some of the people that work there seem to have inflated ego's or something....As far the worst ...well the store part of Bobs Tactical in's like they have nothing in the cases...the range is okay that's about it....
  3. tigerwoody

    tigerwoody MassCops Member

    4 seasons by far....

    too bad we dont have a shop similar to the kittery trading post in maine...
  4. EsxPD319

    EsxPD319 New Member

    I Agree with LEEI and Four Seasons being the best around.

    I hate the shops that tell you what you NEED oppossed to what you WANT. :eek:nfire:

  5. PATS246

    PATS246 New Member

    SPD - Not a big fan of "The Gun Room" myself. Haven't had any real experiences there. I just try to avoid that place in general. Besides the smell of a smokey bar room, its just something about that place I don't like. I think some of the employees might be part militia members :L: Poor service there too. Seems like they are always helping 'someone else'. Seems like the place is a hang out for militia gun freaks.
  6. John J

    John J Subscribing Member

    I also agree Four Season is the best around. Also CCG in Stoneham isn't bad either.
  7. jel

    jel Guest

    I agree Four Seasons is cop friendly also, a small shop on route 28 in Lawrence called Gun Sport North has very good deals
  8. mazz

    mazz MassCops Member

    I had a bad experience at "The Gun Room". :BM: :BM: They suck :!:
  9. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    Quick "gun room" story, they tried to make me buy a trigger lock, for a brand new sig 226, CMR's say 2 things, 1 cops are exempt, 2. new guns must come with a trigger lock. After a brief "discussion" the militia type behind the counter started yelling, and tore up the paperwork.

    A call to the A.G.'s office resulted in some pretty thorough ball busting, and they now have a sign that says, "all firearm prices include a trigger lock"

    Though the gun laws in MA suck, I reall y have an issue with a gun store who tries to twist the law to make more $$

  10. mopar6972

    mopar6972 Subscribing Member

    Ive been to the Gun Room once or twice, but I agree the place sucks Something strange about it....I usually slide over to The Village Gun Shop..
  11. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    I have had a lot of good luck with American Firearms School in Attleboro. Real good prices and always a good selection of new and used weapons on hand and if not usually within a day or two.
  12. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Four seasons is such a pleasure. The weird thing is they do charge xtra for the lock on ANY gun, but the prices are so good I've never seen any reason to piss about it. I recently bought a Marlin 60 without a scratch, used for $49.95. It is currently $108.98 @ Wally-mart.

    Never any pressure, and usually have any accessories/amoo you need
  13. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    For those in Western MA, Triple A guns in West Springfield is hard to beat. Always very cop-friendly (it better be, the owner is reserve captain), with good deals. Very high marks from me. In Eastern MA, I have had good luck with Gun & Sport North in Lawrence. Very nice folks and cop-friendly.
  14. csauce30

    csauce30 New Member

    gun shops

    Four Seasons is the best around. The best part about it is that they have a great website that advertises their specials, and prices. Check it out at
  15. MCOA41

    MCOA41 New Member

    Western Massachusetts Gun Shops

    Personal Defense Specialists on Newton Street in South Hadley.

    Joe is a great guy (retired campus police officer) he is very good to the PO's ion this area and is very active in teaching the gun safety course to people that want to get their ltc's and a fire arm.
  16. jel

    jel Guest

    Another place to check on was Interstate Arms I believe it is in Billerica. They used to sell to law enforcement and had good discounts if you could get a department letterhead.
  17. mv577

    mv577 New Member

    I'll put my vote in for Four Seasons as well... I bought my 9000s 40cal there at a great price... they were very friendly.... no pressure... and were awesome to work with when I sold my 92D through gunbroker... Hands down the best I've dealt with... Go to their site and sign up for their email list... you get all their updates and specials emailed to you... it's great... :D

    The Gun room just plan sucks.... I went it there once to look at buying a safe... and the guy argued with me about what good is the gun if it's locked up!! I tried to explain to him that I wasn't concerned with that and wanted a secure place to store the weapons... he wasn't having it... since I don't have kids in the house... he felt a holster under my nightstand would be sufficiant... needless to say I went elsewhere to purchase the safe... way to talk your way out of a sale buddy....

    Village Gun has a good selection... I feel their prices are up there though...

  18. CEC

    CEC MassCops Member

    I agree the four season in Woburn is good. Gun and Sports North in Lawrence is great. very cop friendly and he will work with you in getting anything that your having a hard time getting.
  19. mikefo

    mikefo MassCops Member

    I've had great luck with 4seasons and the people who work there are friendly and informed. The website is also very good.

  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I miss Jack's Gun Shop & Tea Room just outside of Quincy Center. When you were done shopping downstairs, you could stop upstairs for a nice leaf reading by his wife. It was thrown in with every gun purchase if he liked you.

    When Hitler, er... I mean AG Reilly came into power, he had his own agenda & changed the gun laws so that we became an even bigger socialist state. You needed a separate place of business to conduct firearm sales so alot of small garage shops had to close down. So much for the economy and putting the small people out of business.

    The A.G.'s apartment burned down last month in Watertown and the cause was an unattended heat gun! Shouldn't heat guns have trigger locks on them?? Shouldn't heat guns be regulated as well?

    Shouldn't painters / paint strippers be afforded the same Constitutional rights as it pertains to heat guns for a well regulated militia? Just wondering if this will be a new agenda for Herr A.G.
  21. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Wow, Bob, is that what they teach you in law school to say about our attorney general. :roll:
  22. Muggsy09

    Muggsy09 MassCops Member

    Middleboro Gun Shop is the worst for prices. He is about 100.00-200.00 more than the other places in the area. He has an Ok selection but if it's not a consignment piece forget it too pricey.
  23. Brian823

    Brian823 New Member

    Gun Shops

    Camfor in Westfield - the best.

    The Gun Room is great for laughs - TOTAL FREAK SHOW (ex: talkin about a .32ACP...."no matter what the caliber, nobody likes a hole in their chest."

    Village Gun Shop - normal people! Prices are kind of high.

    There's a huge mark-up on guns, ammo, accessories.
  24. DJD33

    DJD33 Guest

    I agree four seasons is the best. They will actually call you back when your firearms arrives. The prices are always the lowest as well.
  25. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    I suprised he didn't just tell you to keep it loaded and cocked under your pillow... :shock:

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