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Some of you may have seen this in the recent Calibre press newsletter... pretty scary stuff..

Here's the text of the story:


As Newsline has warned you before, there are many unique weapons out there available to the public. These items are not manufactured with your danger in mind; in fact, they are usually designed with convenience in mind - such as the belt buckle knife in today's Weapons Warning. This item, promoted as "The World's Fastest Knife," is actually marketed as a convenience for outdoorsmen, or sports types. For example, if you enjoy fishing, and you get the bite of a lifetime on your line, a handy knife attached to your belt could help insure the quick capture of "The Big One," or in some cases, it can insure that "The Big One" doesn't take you down with him!

However, in your world, a handy, innocuous knife on the belt buckle could give a suspect the upper hand during a violent encounter, and that is the mindset that you must maintain on the job.

The belt buckle contains a folding knife that can be easily accessed and presented with one hand. The website shows a video demonstrating how this knife can be drawn and the blade exposed with one hand in only a couple of seconds --

This is not a large, in-your-face buckle. Actually, the buckle with the knife installed is about 3 1/4 inches wide by about 1 5/8 inches high. It is about 3/8 of an inch thick. It is designed to fit a 1-1/2 belt which is a standard opening size. The knife blade itself is 2 15/32 inches (measurements listed in detail on the "World's Fastest Knife" website).

As you can see on the belt-buckle website, this item is easily accessible and not very detectable. It would especially be difficult to detect during a confrontation when you have only a split second to assess the risk.

While this item is not really intended as a concealed weapon, there is always the chance that it could be used as one -against you.

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