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BCSO Academy 19-07

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by mattymatt6903, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. mattymatt6903

    mattymatt6903 MassCops Member

    Anyone on here attending the September 4th academy in New Bedford?
  2. NytroCop

    NytroCop New Member

    Just curious, what's the PAT consist of for the BCSD? Is it the "old" 1.5 mile run (time?), push-ups, sit-ups or is it the new one like the DOC is doing with a more "job oriented" approach?

    Thanks for any info.

  3. mattymatt6903

    mattymatt6903 MassCops Member

    more of the "job oriented", hooked up to heart monitor, tread mill, 75yd dash, running up/down stairs, 150lb dummy drag, weight carry, medicine ball wrestle...a bit lame if u ask me. I feel like the old test was a better way of sorting candidates

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