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Battle of the B's

Discussion in 'Sports & Recreation' started by Beal Feirste, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Beal Feirste

    Beal Feirste MassCops Member

    Just hours after touching down in Belfast the Boston Bruins were out on the ice.
    The NHL ice hockey team have arrived in Northern Ireland for a challenge match against the Belfast Giants selects side on Saturday.
    The Bruins will face a squad made up of players from the Giants and the other Elite League clubs.

    BBC News - Boston Bruins arrive to take on the Belfast Giants

    The Giants have grown quite a following here since they were formed in 2000. Yes their arena only holds 7000 but it's Northern Ireland after all, bit like trying to sell soccer to the States.

    Belfast Giants currently sit proudly top of the Elite Ice Hockey League after 8 games.

    ELITE Ice Hockey League ? Official Website

    Game on!
  2. cc3915

    cc3915 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Go Black & Gold!!!

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  3. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    How appropriate, from one Causeway (Street) to another (The Giant's) Causeway!!! :thumbs_up:

    Can't wait to see how Horton and Seguin contribute to the B's this year... Oh yeah, and I hope that the collective thumb which was up the offense's arse last year has been removed. :regular_smile:
  4. Beal Feirste

    Beal Feirste MassCops Member

    Boston Bruins thrill Belfast fans in Giants clash

    A packed Odyssey Arena revelled in the presence of the Boston Bruins as the NHL side beat a Belfast Giants select 5-1 in an entertaining friendly clash.

    BBC Sport - Ice Hockey - Boston Bruins thrill Belfast fans in Giants clash

    Slightly one sided you might say with the Bruins coming away with a 5-1 win but at least they let us score first and waited until late in the game before saying something like.... Well ok, the home fans are happy but this is the way it is.

    Garda. Your man Seguin scored twice.

    Fair play Bruins for hitting Belfast.

  5. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    Sounds like it was a good time, regardless of the end score.

    I've always liked these types of games that some are quick to label as 'gimmicky'. Whether it's Baseball's inter-league play, the NHL's outdoor Winter Classic, or the occasional out-of-market/overseas trip designed to grow the game and its viewership.

    Back in July, the wife and I loved being able to see a premier league soccer match at Fenway Park when Celtic FC beat Portugal Sporting Club... I say let's see more of it in all sports.
  6. Beal Feirste

    Beal Feirste MassCops Member

    Eh? You mean to say I might have been wasting my time putting that application in for chief sports correspondent at Fox?

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    I knew Celtic were over for a wee tour and I was hoping to catch that game myself but it didn't come to pass. Next time.
  7. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    Hopefully they'll do it again soon. It was cool to see how they converted The Cathederal of Boston over to 'Football at Fenway'.

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  8. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Garda, are you effing with me? Cool? COOL!
    That picture is the moral equivalent of seeing Kristen Bell wearing a strap-on.

    Agreed. I've heard Tyler referred to as potentially the next B.O.
    Of course we all know there was 1 and only 1 and there will never be another.
    And that includes the dainty Mrs. Gretzky, 92 goals notwithstanding.

    Hey Beer First, did you catch the game?
  9. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    I know Koz, but Kristen Bell wearing a strap-on? :whatchutalkingabout

    Atleast it was sports-related, not as bad Red Sox management allowing Phish to perform on sacred ground back in '09... :unsure:

    "Beer First"... now that's good stuff right there... :regular_smile:

    I think we have a winner for best logo in the ELITE Hockey League...
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