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Baton Instructor's Course

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Education & Training Questions' started by Peacekeeper Sales, May 3, 2016.


Are You Interested In Attending or Hosting a Baton Instructor's Course?

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  1. Peacekeeper Sales

    Peacekeeper Sales MassCops Member

    I am new to this site and I currently work for Peacekeeper Products International, maker of the Peacekeeper Expandable Baton.
    I am born and raised in Massachusetts, relocated to California. I am pushing very hard to get our Baton Instructor's Course in the Boston area.
    I am having a very difficult time getting my Director to offer our Baton Instructor's Course in Massachusetts/New England.

    He said that he will offer a FREE 2 day Baton Instructor's Course under two conditions:
    1. If there is sufficient interest in the Boston area for Baton Instructor's Training. So, this basically applies to DT Instructors.
    2. If there is an agency who is interested in hosting a Baton Instructor's Course. (He prefers Boston Police Department or another large agency to host. However, he doesn't understand the Boston region and that bigger isn't always better. It's about accessibility. I don't fault him though, he's Californian.)
    Please take a moment and review information about our training HERE.
    Then answer the one question poll.

    I'm prepared to get flamed. Please respond authentically. Positive, negative or otherwise.

    Thanks for the time, and stay safe!
  2. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    Just my $.02 but many agency's here (not BPD) have adopted the taser or other ecd, and most guys i know don't carry a baton anymore. Even the MSP is finally deploying tasers.

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  3. Peacekeeper Sales

    Peacekeeper Sales MassCops Member

    Thank you for the information. I am aware of the aversion to impact weapons in the Northeast. There is room for the Taser and the baton as less lethal options. The key word being "options". Tasers are fine devices with a wide range of applications. They afford officers the ability to contain the subject from standoff range through incapacitation. Unfortunately, they have some drawbacks such as needing good, clean contact to be effective. In winter time when people tend to dress in layers, the barbs have a difficult time penetrating those layers. Also, when dealing with a moving target, splitting the belt line isn’t always easy. Also, upfront costs, with chargers and replacement cartridges, are expensive.

    Batons, in some form or another have been a part of American Law Enforcement for well over 100 years. Though they have evolved, the baton provides an officer with the widest range of use of force options, from a visual show of force to less lethal, even to lethal force if needed. Straight sticks are too cumbersome, side sticks require too much training and most expandables, though convenient, through their design can be ineffective.

    Public perception of the baton is its main drawback. CNN and YouTube show hundreds of multiple strike incidents, and they never look good for a department in the court of public opinion or the court of law. What the public doesn’t realize is that the officers aren’t using excessive force. It’s the equipment that they are using. Most expandables simply do not generate enough force on impact to affect compliance.

    Every officer should be home safely at end of watch and should have every available tool and option available at their disposal to ensure that.

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