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Basic Crash Investigation

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Chief George McLean, and the Somerville Police Department, will again be the host and site of the 80-hour Basic Crash Investigation course from September 15-19 and October 6-10, 2003.

Already, we have Chiefs and supervisors from nearly a dozen departments, that have said they will be sending people to this class.

As with any training, people learn more and remember more, when the training is taught by outstanding instructors, regardless of the subject. We believe that we have three of the top instructors anywhere when it comes to teaching this course. We also believe that each and every officer that was in our first Basic Crash Investigation course would echo my statement. In fact, their evaluations, and personal comments, reflect just that.

"Class was really good - It was presented well and was very informative. I learned a great amount of valuable information there in 2 weeks that I will use daily." Officer Bernie Schipelliti, Burlington, MA PD

"The greatest aspect of this course is that the instructors were able to relate highly technical information in a way that was easy for all students to comprehend. I highly recommend this course for all persons interested in crash investigation. Thanks!" Officer Michael W. Murphy, Somerville, MA PD

"Course was a great example of what can be taught through outstanding instructors with "real world" experience." Officer Michael Lynch, Melrose, MA PD

Our lead instructor is Trooper Ross Panacopoulos from the Massachusetts State Police. Ross is joined by Sgt. Donald Dupray from the Hamilton, MA Police Department and Sgt. Matthew Whalen from the Boston, MA Police Department. Many of you, especially those that are car seat technicians, may very well have had Ross and Don as your instructors. If you did, then you know the quality of the training you will receive. Sgt. Matthew Whalen has supervised and reconstructed every serious injury, as well as fatal crash in the City of Boston for over the last decade. While crashes occur in relation to all types, his expertise lies in both pedestrian and bicycle crashes.

If you are interested in receiving a course flier and registration form for this workshop, please request the same by emailing us at [email protected]

If you wish to be added to our growing email data base in relation to upcoming training please request the same by emailing us at [email protected] as well.

Training will also be listed on the LEAPS NEWS file.
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