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Balloons carried gun away in Red Lobster executive's 'CSI'-like suicide

Thomas Hickman drove through New Mexico, police say, until his Jeep
Grand Cherokee Laredo ran out of gas. Then the 55-year-old North
Richland Hills man walked into a field, tied helium balloons to a gun,
covered his mouth with duct tape, and shot himself in the back of the
head, according to New Mexico State Police.


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I think this actually was a CSI episode. What ever happened to originality?

"Partway through the investigation, one of the investigators recalled seeing a television show in which balloons were used in a suicide.
The investigator obtained a copy of an October 2003 episode of the television drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and noticed that there were several similarities between that show and Mr. Hickman's case. But Lt. Anglada said New Mexico authorities are not sure if Mr. Hickman ever saw the program.
Detectives would not speculate about the motive for his suicide, the lieutenant said."

Maybe he had a no suicide clause in his life insurance...:unsure:
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