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Badge Bunnies Be Gone!! Change is Coming!!

Discussion in 'MassCops News' started by Gil, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    The title says it all! Badge bunnies, badge chasers, lot lizards and annoying attention seeking drama queens take it elsewhere...

    The site has been slipping over the past two years and I blame no one but myself for being too soft at times and letting bs slide when I have actually been on the site. My lack of participation has a lot to do with it and that is just one of the changes coming when I return back to the states.

    Aside from cosmetic and software changes there will also be changes in some of the forums and the content will be more law enforcement oriented. I'm probably going to piss some of you off and others will welcome the change but I can't please everyone nor do I intend to.

    My biggest bitch are with some of the more recent female members of the site that are just here trying to hook up with a uniform. If your not in law enforcement have no desire to be in law enforcement or have a significant other that is in law enforcement please take your sexually suggestive posts, replies and user-names elsewhere.

    I understand that forums such as "After Hours" has an extremely relaxed set of rules when it comes to content but seriously I could care less if your getting a boob job... wtf does that have to do with policing in Massachusetts?

    No the site does not need to be 100% shop talk but use some friggin discretion. The off color topics are going to start getting squashed, if you don't like that, tough...

    I think the admins and mods do a great job and I appreciate the support they have shown while I have been deployed and over the past few years but changes need to be made there also.

    There will be some changing with the moderators, some never visit the site and will be dropped back to regular users and more visible members will be asked to accept the challenge.

    I have also received more than a few complaints over the past year about new members being treated like the are children or idiots for nothing more than asking a simple question, there is no need to snap at them in their first post because they did not use the search feature or read the FAQ. Some of these noobs have been on the job 5, 10, 15 years. They come to a law enforcement site for various reasons but trust me, you treat a veteran officer like he or she is some twit because he or she was unsure how to post a message, posted a duplicate message etc... they are not coming back and they will tell others about their experience and that's why the name asscops continues to float around other boards to this day.

    Also... difference of opinion is not an automatic ban!

    Granted this site is geared towards cops but if some non le post an intelligent rebuttal to a post I do not want to see 20 post behind it calling the guy a looser and an assclown simply because he / they have a difference of opinion. Debates create great discussions, without discussions and differences of opinions you have a stale site that only seems to attract trolls and badge bunnies and will eventually be nothing but a memory.

    I have had this site since 1998 ( and the domain is registered till something like 2019 for now. I am happy that it has done this well over the years but I feel like we reached a plateau and have started going down hill. I'm not going to let that happen.

    You've been warned... Rant over...

    Now some of the changes to the site. I am in the process of receiving several quotes from media design firms for a completely custom vB forum. No templates and the hacks will be to a minimum. vB will be upgraded to the latest version. I have been in contact with authors on various aspects of law enforcement and I am looking to get more police / law related content. I have made several failed attempts at this in the past and that because I always try to do the whole dam thing myself. Not going that rout again. One thing I learned on this deployment is contract everything out... That's what I am doing so that's why I know it will be done.

    Look for the cosmetic changes early December.

    That's it thanks for listening and if I offended anyone, ... there is always
  2. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    Does this mean I have to leave :(
  3. TacEntry

    TacEntry MassCops Member

    Of the troops, for the troops, my friend.
  4. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Ouch......... Looks like the BanBus has been HIGHJACKED !!!!!!!! hahahahaha bring on the changes !!!!!!
  5. lpwpd722

    lpwpd722 Maddy B's grammy

    I have to agree. Some of the newer members are somewhat over the edge and their intentions are clear. If your bored go to a chat site. Thank you, Gil. Most of us try to have fun and learn at the same time.
  6. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    Thank you!
  7. L4G81

    L4G81 MassCops Member

    GIL - THANK YOU! I cannot wait. :)

    And yes ... for all of the badgebunny TROLLS that have nothing to bring to the table, to this board, have NOTHING to say unless it's about chic pix, boobs or "look at me! I'm bored!" posts ... don't let the door hit ya on the way out ... is calling your name. ;)
  8. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Thanks for playing, both in the sandbox, and especially creating this for us. I do spend a tangible amount of my time (life) here. I like it and appreciate the folks here. Keep it up Bro!
  9. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

    Re: Badge Bunnies Be Gone!! Change is Coming!!

    thanks Gil. I am looking forward to the changes. I could never stand too informal, so anything that keeps the site moving foward is 100% ok with me. MC has done a ton for me, and I have networked with great people that I might not have met otherwise. Anything I can do to help, feel free to let me know.
  10. lawdog671

    lawdog671 MassCops Member

    At the risk of being labeled into another 'clique....Welcome back Gil, looking forward to the changes. Badgebunnies are harmless, augmented creatures though aren't they?? Sorry to the resident 'bunny, no offense hun.

    And I know that you've been gone a little while Gil, so some advice/a request....

    Mass is having big troubles with elderly drivers recently ...was hoping you could take Harry's keys to the ban bus back...HAHA.....JUST KIDDING Harry.

    Your buddy put me up to it.......HAHA
  11. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Re: Badge Bunnies Be Gone!! Change is Coming!!

    Nice knowing you too bro. hahaahhaa
  12. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    Sounds great, Gil. The ol' mass-net days were very civil (sometimes).
  13. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    I would hope we get to keep the great political discussions. While the site no doubt maintains a right of center slant, I think its awesome how it stays civil.

    I know I got into Masscops you left, Gil, but If I may I personally find many of the "random" threads under "Shooting the Breeze" to have redeeming qualities like the "What are you listening to" thread, etc. I have had some great discussions with Koz and others--though I completely understand if it's outside of your goals for your site. No doubt questions about a boob job is a bit much.

    Question: Would there be anyway to retain this classic VBulletin GUI as an option under one's user control panel? I personally find it more simple and much easier to navigate that other vBulletin boards on the net.
  14. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

    Re: Badge Bunnies Be Gone!! Change is Coming!!

    I think.the foremost issue on my mind is... Night Ops!

    Can I get an amen? :)
  15. NewEngland2007

    NewEngland2007 Active Member

    Your playground, your rules, absolutely. I enjoy the banter that goes on here, but just let us know when it's inappropriate. As a pre-law student, this site has been invaluable, not just for info about the way the court system "really" works, but also as a deprogramming tool after hours of listening to hippy dippy liberal professors.
  16. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    NE2007, you are correct. The banter is exceptional on this site. Put on your armor and thicken that skin, all will be good. This is a very public forum with a lot of eyes watching (reading). Many of them do not like us and would love to throw something posted back at us. A little tightening of the reigns is good once and a while.
  17. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    Go easy on Harry. After reading this thread I think they're going to have to hire a whole bunch of bus drivers.

    Just put me on the one with all the silicone sisters.

    Just sayin...
  18. CPT Chaos

    CPT Chaos Subscribing Member

    Are we talking real Change or Obama Change?
  19. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    Not sure. But does this mean we have to start taking this place seriously?
  20. L4G81

    L4G81 MassCops Member

    I think it's pretty safe to say there is a happy medium ... ;)

  21. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    After ten years on the job dealing with hoopajoops, I lack the ability to type without a hint of extreme sarcasm. Before the bus arrives, is there another forum for those of us with narcissistic personality disorders calmed by the ability to find humor of others failures?
  22. grn3charlie

    grn3charlie Yeah, THAT GUY!

    Would hate to see the ball busting cease.
  23. Boston Irish Lass

    Boston Irish Lass MassCops Member

    Ok, I've had the badge bunny thing explained to me. I've tossed it around in my brain though and still can't figure out what the jaysus a lot lizard is? Apparently criminal justice careers are much cooler than science ones. We just call each other nerds and nobody trolls our forums looking for the poke. :-(
  24. 7MPOC

    7MPOC MassCops Member

    Im just glad your doing well over seas, stay safe for the rest of your deployment.
  25. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    Obie I am talking more about the post that some would think are questionable on an LE site... I do think some of the random threads branch off into more productive threads and discussions.

    I will add you request about the basic vB when I choose what company is going to handle the design.

    Originally I had two vB skins in mind Day Ops and Night Ops but now will look into a striped down low bandwidth version as well like Obie mentioned.

    No I'm not looking to run the entire world wide web ;)

    No, not at all. You can take or leave what you like from the site. I would just like to see a little more on topic discussions.

    I would also like to mention that I was not pointing fingers as to who is or isn't a badge bunny / attention seeking drama queen. I think we are all smart enough to figure out who they are on the site.

    I know that I offended a few members with that post but if you read between the lines it pretty much means knock off the bs / attention seeking post. In the title "Be Gone" that was only meant leave if you do not change your ways, if you want to continue post bs you will leave. Some people have obviously not heard of banning IP's / user names / email addresses.

    I would also like to mention that in the past the site has been bashed for having non LE mods and admins. I think the ratio is something like 75% LE 25% non LE. I don't really see why that is such a big issue but the way I see it as long as a majority of the admin/mods are LE that should suffice. The non LE mods and admins have done a great job. Some are more active than others and that will be addressed shortly and there will be some new mods in place in a few days. The admins will remain the same and no new ones will be added.

    Keep the suggestions coming and thanks for the support many of you have shown. I honestly did not think I would get that much email / pm's on this but just goes to show you that I was not the only one getting sick of it...

    Off to re-deployment class (relax Jaycee, re-deployment back to the states)
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