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bad day

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Yeah i had such a bad day yesterday. It started off when i didn't get any coffee. then while ona dive i almost got swept away by a current @140ft. And it ended by me getting shot. You ever have one of those days when you knew you shouldn't have gotten outta bed?
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yeah, i really didn't wanna spend my evening getting bullet fragments picked outta my back. but it could have been so so so much worse.
Well it was a almost day later when i posted. Also i wasn't in a fire fight. Somebody just got brave for about 2 seconds and fired a round. the bullet fragmented and i caught 4 pieces of the fragmenting round. It knocked me to the ground, i bled a descent amount and it burned/throbed for a while. We were in civilian clothes and we had no protection (Murphy's law: military intellegence is a contradiction in terms). I was very lucky, but it is the 3rd time i have taken frag from either a bullet, IED or grenade. i knew as soon as i got hit that I wasn't gonna die, lose a limb or vision, Like I said it wasn't a fire fight either it was 1 shot fired at me. I was more pissed than anything. i guess i was shaken up a little when it happened. I guess u just had to be there. Also this is my 4th combat tour- and while u never get used to getting shot at the post tramatic stress reaction gets easier to deal with when it is an isolated minor event like this. It was pretty damn strange. I guess the best thing i can compare the feelings I had is to getting in a bad (not tragic) car accident. I have the pieces they picked outta my back i will see if i can borrow a camera and post the pics. My buddy caught a piece they can't get out either. he has to go through life with a piece in his arm. I realize now that i was truely lucky because if i caught the piece that my buddy caught in any of the 4 places i got hit then it would have hit my spine, my right lung, left lung or lodged behind my heart. i calmed down by the time i posted.
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now now, sarcasm is not needed. This is the first time i have been injured like this since i joined the navy, the other 2 times was when i was in the army (bosnia, kosovo). Purple hearts just means you were unlucky enough to get hurt by people who would rather have killed u instead. I am by no means nuts, but i have a year and a half left over here, so i have to suck it up if i let this stuff get to me then i get distracted and a person who deals with explosives can't afford to be distracted. so i have to force myself to keep composure. Nuts? God no... I would give anything in the world to come home work way way towards F/T P.O. and be a father to my twins that i will not see until they are 3, and a husband to my wife. The last thing i want to do is get an injury that would physically disqualify me froma career in L.E.! I just wanna come home! This was not a major incident- i know u read the words "i got shot" and try to imagine it for what it sounds like, but it really wasn't a major incident. My wounds are almost superficial. In fact i am down to band-aids! Sorry if it seemed like my minor incident was a scene from black hawk down!

right now there is a $20k price on EOD (military & civi). It's makes our jobs nightmares
of course that could be 20k in dinar which is equivlent to about 14 U.S. :?
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VERY CUTE :lol: ! have a beer to those who aren't coming home to be fathers, husbands-mothers or wives.
no my day was long it started w/ no coffee, then i was in the water then we came up on land.
yeah it is nice to see another Sailor on the site. I got cut 2 year accompanied orders over here. But my i am not bringing my wife and twin daughters out to a combat zone and now they are evacuating all the families cause they caught (and released) 6 islamic extremists that were linked to al queda that are planning attacks. They have a ton of people to kidnap and it wouldn't be to hard to do it. This island is a powder keg. I am glad that i pretty much just visit- in the 7 months i have been stationed here i have been here a TOTAL of maybe a month and a half. I am never here. but the detailer might cut my do an ordmod and change all the married people's orders to 1 year. I really don't know why the goverment bothered trying to let people bring their families... that was dumb. I could take leave but i used so much leave when my kids were born because it was a complicated birth that i am know in the hole 30 days. So my situation is unique.
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