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Auxiliarys and Blue Label Glocks

Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by jrocky424, May 14, 2011.

  1. jrocky424

    jrocky424 New Member

    Hi i was wondering being a auxiliary officer, if we are eligible to purchase a blue label glock. From what i was told from a fellow officer we can because he bought one but i called the local gun store and they asked if we have arrest powers, we do but limited so i wonder if that constitutes us to be able to buy one and also what forms are involved in the transfer of sale

  2. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    It's convoluted but here we go...

    Are you an "armed" aux Dept? Will your Chief or his designee do a letterhead purchase authorization? Do you know Chief Ron Glidden?
    Does your Chief know Ron Glidden? Is this a duty weapon or off-duty personal carry? Is a "Blue Label Glock" cooler than a Pabst Blue Ribbon?

    Get back to me ASAP and I'll let you know. BTW, are you looking for a used "Blue Bird"?
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  3. firefighter39

    firefighter39 Subscribing Member

    How about a Carling Black Label instead of a PBR?
  4. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    Technically, you can, provided it's for on duty use. Now if you are not an armed auxiliary officer, you can't because Glocks can only be purchased for "official duty use." If your official duty doesn't include armed work, it's technically a no-go.
  5. jrocky424

    jrocky424 New Member

    We do carry
  6. jrocky424

    jrocky424 New Member

    But we Carry sigs
  7. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Then the answer would be no.
  8. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

    Why would you want a Glock over a Sig? :banghead: :)
  9. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    A "Blue Label Glock" is simply an "LE" Glock that comes with three magazines rather than the standard two (a so-called "Red Label Glock"). A "White Label Glock" comes with two limited capacity (10 round) magazines.

    I'm not privy to whether or not there are any actual manufacturing differences between between "Blue Label" Glocks and every other Glock, but there could be. Some companies produce firearms to differing standards depending on whether or not they're ordered by law enforcement agencies.
  10. vttroopah

    vttroopah dirtbaggumus maximus

    Holy run-on sentence.

    Johnny Walker Blue Label is good, so I would say, "YES YOU CAN."
  11. Wiggum_1

    Wiggum_1 MassCops Member

    I second that, whats wrong with Sigs?
  12. mr_happy

    mr_happy 5.56 Nato

    oh shiiiite. i'm not even LE and two of my glock boxes have blue labels. :sleep:

    they are out there. it varies from shop to shop....

    the onus is on the dealer, NOT the purchaser btw. so buy what you want if you find it.

    edit: nothing against sigs. except that they are tanks! the only metal guns i like are 1911's and hi powers.
  13. cj3441

    cj3441 MassCops Member

    Sig quality has gone into the tank. And a few people here in the know can back that up.
  14. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Never owned a Sig, shot a few, liked em. Own a Glock 23 love it, love it , best firearm I ever owned. We are issued S&W M&P 40's like them also. What's this kid trying to do, get a glock, sell a Glock, screw a Glock???????
  15. CJIS

    CJIS MassCops Member

    "Official Duty Use" ah I love that statement as it can be interpreted so many ways.

    What is Official Duty?

    Is going to the range to brush up on marksmanship for you next qualification considered "Official Duty"

    If your dept. Policy authorizes or states you will Carry "Off Duty" is that an Official Duty?

    The list goes on.
  16. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

    Or he could just find one for sale privately, and buy FTF? Problem solved buddy.
  17. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    I won't dispute that, but that is a whole other thread.
  18. Big.G

    Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Werd... I just picked up a blue label Glock myself. I would have purchased one at Interstate Arms with the police ID to get the LE discount, but they wouldn't sell me a Gen4. The reason (according to them) being that the Gen4's need to be on the approved firearms roster to sell them, yes, even to LE. That's bullshit if you ask me. I never bothered to ask Law Enforcement Supply in Waltham after reading about a bad experience someone had (posted on NES). Never bothered with Four Seasons either because they supposedly require a letter, according to their site and my chief won't write letters. So I paid the extra $40, had one shipped in from out of state and had it transferred to me without a police ID nor letter. I did mention that I was a police officer, but I know it didn't make a difference.

    I'm not an expert on the AG's consumer protection CMRs. I know there is an exemption for LE for "official duties," but is there a requirement for LE to produce any type of credentials or is it just something dealers do to cover their ass?
  19. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    nobody can be a subject matter expert on this...:unsure:
  20. Big.G

    Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    That's why Glock gave up trying to make their guns compliant.
  21. mr_happy

    mr_happy 5.56 Nato


    i wasn't living here at the time... but read up on all the BS. :rolleyes:

    anywho, they are out there. anyone who shops around should be able to snag just about anything. some shops try to ask for a premium, some, not so much. :thumbs_up:

    i gives a damn about the AFR, CHSB, EPOS (EOPS). i buy what i want, outside of post-ban mags or having evil features on post-ban, semi-auto rifles.

    but then again, i'm not exactly knocking off liquor stores either. :smoke:
  22. Big.G

    Big.G In Tactical Mode....

  23. mr_happy

    mr_happy 5.56 Nato

  24. Big.G

    Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Ripoff... The Gen4 I just got was $489 + $30 shipping = $519 brand spanking new.
  25. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Wow, I'm enjoying all this gun talk. I've carried a gun for over 30 years and can honestly say, MY GUN GOES BOOM.

    If I point it at a paper target when it goes boom, it makes holes in the paper. This would probably be true in people as well. I've fired a S&W .38, a Glock .40 and a Charger Arms .38 and the BOOM principal works in all of them.

    Honestly, I'm not dissing the rest of you. Since I do carry, I SHOULD know more about the guns I carry, but I'm too old and lazy to give a shit. As long as it does what it has to when I need it to, and I have a clue as to when I'll need it and how to use it, I'm happy. But really, I respect that you guys know your shit.

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