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Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by Bostonftw, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Bostonftw

    Bostonftw MassCops Member

    I have recently sent out a cover letter and resume to a few local police departments around me asking to be join the auxiliary police force. I now have two departments that said they will take me on in the fall. My question is can I "work" for more then one police department? I figured I would rather give my time at two places to better my chances of getting full time.
  2. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough

    Check with each department and make sure they do not have any policy forbidding it,but I know several people that work for more than one department.
  3. MetrowestPD

    MetrowestPD MassCops Member

  4. Bostonftw

    Bostonftw MassCops Member

    Thanks for the responses. Ill be sure to find out
  5. changeover

    changeover MassCops Member

    is an aux job a good way to get on the force?
  6. toneil100

    toneil100 MassCops Member

    I believe that it helps. You will get your foot in the door and hopefully develop good contacts. Another plus is that you may, depending on what the auxiliaries do in the department, get a taste of what the work will be like.
  7. changeover

    changeover MassCops Member

    Awesome, thanks! Im gonna call the departments around me this week
  8. toneil100

    toneil100 MassCops Member

    Something I should have mentioned, don't be surprised if they require you to graduate from the Reserve Intermittent Academy before they will take you.
  9. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Yah, what TOENAIL said................
  10. toneil100

    toneil100 MassCops Member

    Hey, is toneil :)
  11. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

  12. HELPMe

    HELPMe New Member

    Use it to pad the resume and seek contacts in a non civil service department. They are the only ones that seem to be hiring some what in this state.
  13. Bostonftw

    Bostonftw MassCops Member

    When I'm at home typing on my PC it is not my first priority to spell check and proof read my forum posts and/or threads. And yes, obvioulsy I made sure my cover letter and resume were all in check. Thanks for the replys though and the good lucks. I also figured a person must first pass the testing and training before being taken in.

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