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All those places have part timers that work and are treated like full timers, in fact most wmass depts are like that. When I first moved out here and was hunting for p/time work, I looked into many of those pds.

1)Hadley has parttimers and openings at any given time but from what I was told by a partimer that works there that I used to work for is that for some reason the chief lets the postions go unfiled.

2)Granby makes you work as an aux first then p/t then f/t if it arises. I know someone who is going through it now

3.) Belchertown is a good place, I interviewed for a job there about 6 to 7 months before I went to the academy. The person they hired, not me, lol was working 40+ hours and was in my academy, she was there less than 6 moths before being promoted to f/t. I know another person who was hired there and promoted to f/t within months, if you have a chance go for that pd it is very quick to go from p/t to f/t.

4.) I tried Southampton but dont bother now one of the officers I work with lives in Southhampton and she says there are cuting the pd heavily.

5.) I know a few people who work at Hampshire, its good if yuo want to get the academy and to start somewhere, other than that its not all that good , at all. Smith is very good money but you will be unhappy.

6.) I know a person who is at Easthampton and says its a very good pd.

7.) Agawam has your run of the mill traditional aux. and so does Holyoke, Holyoke also has civil service p/timers.

8.) One of my staff instuctors was a Capt from West springfield, I'm told they get a lot of road jobs, but not sure about patrol shifts, I dont think there is much of that, mostly do details, not that its a bad thing, lol
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