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You are invited to attend a meeting regarding the formation of the

Massachusetts College Law Enforcement Association (MCLEA)

The proposed purposes of this Association are to:

Enhance the professionalism and efficiency of the State and Community College Police Officers;

Foster cooperation, unity of action, and the exchange of information and experience among College Law Enforcement;

Represent and act as exclusive bargaining agent for all Police Officers and Sergeants who are employed by the Board of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, excluding Lieutenants, Chiefs, and Captains, in all subject matter and procedures relating to wages, hours, standards of productivity and performance, and any other terms and conditions of employment, and to all other subject matter concerning mutual aid and protection relating to employment;

Advocate for and represent the interests of the Massachusetts College Law Enforcement Personnel at local and state levels of government;

Bring officers together into a single unified organization comprised only of College Law Enforcement Personnel;

Educate college administrators, students, legislators, and the general public on the challenges and issues that College Police Officers and their colleagues face on a daily basis.

For more information:

Join the MCLEA e-mail group: [email protected] ( or contact:

Off. Dave Curtis, (Bridgewater State) 508-922-5358, [email protected]
Attorney Brian Simoneau, [email protected], 508-820-1116

Police Officers belong in a Police Union!
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