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A humorous end to boring night. 6:17 AM run a RI tag comes back to a different vehicle, :? go to initiate the stop and the guy just looks in is rear view and proceeds through the stop sign, takes a few side streets at 50 MPH but appears to be just going in one big circle. On a straight stretch of road I pull along side and he smiles and waves at me :shock: (WTF!). Two other units block the guy in a few minutes into the pursuit, cuffed and stuffed, at booking the usual "no speaka no English". :roll:

When the Spanish speaking officer gets in, he conducts the booking, when asked why he did not stop he stated (in his words) that he was on a race track on his last lap and thought the police car was escorting him to the finish line. He then proceeded to inform us that the ids in his possession are all fake names that he uses for employment purposes because he is not a resident of the US and came into the country illegally from Guatemala. :D Thank You!

Hey it was good for a few laughs and two hours OT :wink: Plus he got a little lesson in Ch. 90

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I was going through my pictures from my vacation out in Seattle last month, and I remembered this shot I took of an actual sign posted on a busy public street in the suburb where our hotel was:

And to think, all this time I thought it was illegal 24/7... :-k

Gil, get on the Attleboro DPW -- apparently you guys need some of these signs down there!!

-Mike 8)
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