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ATTLEBORO - An Attleboro District Court judge ordered a former city man held in jail without bail as a dangerous person Friday after hearing he was arrested again on drunken driving charges and in possession of a stolen handgun and ammunition and marijuana.

"He's snubbing his nose at the law," Prosecutor William Brownell said of 22-year-old Daniel Pereira, who has done previous jail stints for drunken driving, driving with a revoked license and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Judge Richard Savignano agreed to hold Pereira without bail after hearing testimony in Attleboro District Court that police found a loaded .45-caliber ammo clip and a stolen .45-caliber handgun when they arrested Pereira Aug. 29.

Pereira was also charged with a third-offense drunken driving charge, possession of marijuana, receiving stolen property and driving with a suspended license.

He has pleaded innocent and can be held in jail for up to 90 days without bail while prosecutors prepare for trial. Brownell said the case may be considered for a grand jury indictment. Pereira was arrested in front of his parent's home at 33 Lord St. in South Attleboro by officers Dain dos Santos and Stephen Graney after police received a call about a person driving erratically.

The handgun, which was found in a van police allege Pereira was driving at the time, was reported stolen during a housebreak in 2006, dos Santos testified.

During his testimony, dos Santos said the ammo clip was found in Pereira's back pocket, but that Pereira denied knowing the gun was in the van as he was making a telephone call from the police station to a person believed to be his father.

"He said he was framed. Somebody put the gun in his car and he didn't know anything about it," dos Santos testified.

Pereira's lawyer, Jennifer Lokitis, argued that although the charges were serious, her client could be held on home confinement with his parents and monitored with an electronic bracelet.

The case was continued for a pretrial hearing Sept. 25.
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