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By Tim Eberly
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA - Just about anything can be used as a weapon. Pots and pans, for instance. During a 25-minute standoff last weekend with Atlanta police officers, a teenager allegedly launched a steady stream of frying pans and skillets at police officers until he slipped on a floor covered with pepper spray and was handcuffed, according to a police report.
When police officers arrived at a home on Neal Street in northwest Atlanta, 19-year-old Mackenzie Bass had already been tossing things around the house, his mother told officers, the police report said. His mother reported that Bass became enraged after she asked him if he ate his younger sister's spaghetti.
Standing in his living room holding a metal frying pan and a large barbecue fork in his hands, he told officers they would have to kill him because he wasn't going to jail, the report said.
Bass threw the frying pan at two officers, who dodged the cookware, the report said.
Officers called for more backup and tried to calm Bass down.
But Bass grabbed several more pots and pans and locked himself in a nearby bathroom, the report said.
When officers unlocked the door, Bass pushed it open and charged at them, prompting officers to pepper spray him, police said.
He retreated to the bathroom again, grabbed another pot and tossed it at the police, the report said. When he charged at officers a second time, he got another dose of pepper spray.
Police took Bass into custody after he slipped on the floor in his final attempt to attack the officers, according to the report.
He was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault, four counts of obstructing law enforcement and one count of criminal trespass, Fulton County Jail logs show.
Bass was being held in the jail Thursday on $41,000 bond, according to logs.

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