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By Daniel Malloy
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

FRANKLIN, Pa. - Two men found with a cache of weapons, explosives, and paramilitary uniforms in Franklin last month will stand trial in Beaver County - unless federal investigators take on the case.
Dean Alan Huzinec, 47, and Dean Timothy Eakin, 43, waived their right to a preliminary hearing yesterday before District Judge Dale Nicholson in Beaver County Central Court, so the case will proceed to trial.
But the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is also investigating, said bureau spokesman John Hageman, and could bring federal charges through the U.S. attorney's office. ATF agents seized 15 firearms, including assault-type weapons, from Mr. Huzinec's home.
Franklin police Officer Kevin Radford went to Mr. Huzinec's house Aug. 17, following up on a missing person's report from Mr. Eakin's sister. Mr. Eakin had been staying with Mr. Huzinec for a day or two, and previously had lived with his sister in Warren, Ohio.
Officer Radford noticed a 9 mm pistol in Mr. Huzinec's house, and when he checked the serial number later, he discovered that the weapon had been reported stolen.
Upon executing a search warrant the next day, officers found weapons, explosives - both homemade and military-style - and "an extreme amount of ammunition," according to a criminal complaint. Police also discovered surveillance equipment and illegal drugs.
Mr. Huzinec faces weapons and drug charges, as well as charges of risking a catastrophe. His attorney, Dirk Goodwald, did not deny the presence of the weapons but said they weren't necessarily stolen even if they weren't in Mr. Huzinec's name.
"When it all boils down, it may not be as big of a criminal situation as it appears," Mr. Goodwald said.
Mr. Eakin, who was charged with conspiracy and illegal possession of a firearm, was merely an unsuspecting house guest, according to his attorney, Dennis DiMartini.
"Mr. Eakin was at the wrong place at the wrong time," Mr. DiMartini said. "As far as we know, none of the stuff taken was out in the open. A guest would have no reason to know any of it was there."

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