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Police Officers
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A quality, progressive, community oriented law enforcement agency. An opportunity to use your skills in specialty assignments such as investigations, gang team, drug team, arson investigations, domestic violence team, field officer training, K-9 handlers, undercover officers, vehicle collision investigators, bike patrol team leaders, GREAT, DARE, School Resource Officers and more.

Applicant must be 21 years of age at time of hire.
Graduation from a standard senior high school or equivalent.
Applicant must pass a rigid background check.
Must possess and maintain a valid New Mexico Driver's License.

ENTRY PAY SCALE: Police Officer 0-2Years $2,340 per month
Police Officer 3-5 Years $2,398 per month
Police Officer 6-10 Years $2,458 per month
Police Officer 11-15 Years $2,520 per month
Police Officer 16+ $2,583 per month

Employees are eligible for a 2% to 5% increase annually based on performance as measured through the evaluation process until reaching the top of the pay scale.

City of Artesia -
Artesia Police Department -
Artesia Chamber of Commerce -

Cpt. Teresa Lemon
[email protected]

Bill Thalman, HR Director (505) 746-2122 or [email protected]
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