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GARDNER -- State Police charged a woman with drunken driving and assaulting a police officer after they stopped her for allegedly driving erratically while taking her 8-year-old son to school in Gardner, according to police and court documents.
State Police Trooper Dante DeMarco stopped Jill Castonguay, 47, of 45 Lake Ave., Orange, after a cell phone caller reported her Jeep Liberty was "all over the road," on Route 2, DeMarco wrote in his affidavit filed in Gardner District Court.
"(The witness) followed the Jeep observing it swerving back and forth crossing the rumble strip at times," DeMarco wrote. "(The witness) stated that the Jeep was about to exit (Route 2) at Exit 33 and it swerved back to the left into the (first travel lane) at the last second."
DeMarco spotted the Jeep getting off at Exit 23 and followed it onto Pearson Boulevard in Gardner.
"I observed the Jeep cross to the left partially into oncoming traffic," DeMarco wrote.
"The Jeep jerked back to the right."
DeMarco said Castonguay had red, pinpointed eyes, slurred speech and was emitting a strong odor of alcohol when he questioned her.
The 8-year-old boy was in the back of the Jeep in a booster seat at the time of his mother's arrest.
DeMarco watched Castonguay sway from side to side after he asked her to exit the Jeep and stand in front of the car, he wrote. "She swayed from side to side and side stepped to the point I thought that she was going to fall," DeMarco wrote.

Castonguay told DeMarco she drank some wine the night before and had taken two Klonopins, a muscle relaxant, that morning, he wrote.
Castonguay nearly fell over several times during a field sobriety test and was unable to recite the alphabet, DeMarco wrote.
Castonguay became angry when DeMarco told her she was under arrest, yelling and swearing at the officer while trying to get back into her car, DeMarco wrote.
"I advised Castonguay she was under arrest for OUI-Alcohol," DeMarco wrote. "Castonguay slurred, 'No, I'm not.'"
DeMarco ended up pushing her against the Jeep to get her handcuffed, though she continued to struggle when he tried to put her in the cruiser, he wrote.
"(She) refused to get into the cruiser," DeMarco wrote. I assisted (her) into the cruiser at which point she kicked me with her bare foot."
DeMarco managed to get Castonguay under control and he called for a Gardner police officer to take her son to school. DeMarco found four pill bottles in Castonguay's hand book, he wrote.
The blood alcohol breath test conducted on the suspect showed Castonguay had a blood alcohol percentage of between 0.16 and 0.15., nearly twice the legal limit in Massachusetts of 0.08.
Castonguay became combative during the booking process when she demanded two more Klonopin pills, DeMarco wrote. She grabbed one of the pill bottles and refused to drop it, DeMarco wrote.
After DeMarco got her to drop the pill bottle, Castonguay refused to enter the holding cell, struggling with three officers, DeMarco wrote. She bruised DeMarco during the scuffle.
"(She) grabbed hold of my right bicep and squeezed hard," DeMarco wrote.
Castonguay entered Gardner District Court on Monday afternoon with her wrists and ankles chained. She is charged with assault and battery of a police officer, marked lanes violation, operating under the influence of liquor -- second offense, and child endangerment while OUI.
Her attorney, Martin Kallio, of Gardner, offered Judge Patrick Fox his personal assurance she is a good person who would never put her child in danger.
"I've known her to be a very caring family person, a very caring mother," Kallio said.
Kallio said Castonguay denies everything in DeMarco's report. Her performance during the field sobriety tests can be explained by her bad back, Kallio said.
The blood alcohol percentage breath machine may not have been calibrated correctly and not given an accurate number, Kallio said.
Fox released Castonguay on personal recognizance bail and placed her on pretrial probation. The probation comes with agreement she will not have custody of the 8-year-old until the matter is settled.
She must also attend counseling and Alcoholics Anonymous, agree to random drug and alcohol screenings, and refrain from drinking alcohol. Castonguay is next due in court Nov. 7.
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