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By Danielle Ameden/Daily News staff
Posted Jul 17, 2008 @ 12:04 AM

A 16-year-old Milford boy was being held on $5,000 bail last night, charged with attempted murder in connection with Tuesday night's stabbing behind Memorial Elementary School.
Milford detectives arrested the youth around 6 last night in Northbridge.
The boy is accused of stabbing 18-year-old Victor Watson of Milford in the right arm around 7:30.
"He went to stick him with it in the chest area near the heart and the victim was able to deflect it," said Detective Commander Lt. James Falvey.
Watson initially told police he had been playing basketball with friends on Memorial School's playground. Police say he was watching on the sidelines when a man drove up with the suspect inside the car.
The suspect got out and approached the victim, showing off a knife threateningly and yelling, "I am going to stab you!" according to a report Detective Carlos Sousa Jr. filed in court.
The victim believes the suspect "tried to kill him and if he had not deflected (the knife) ... he would have been stabbed to death," Sousa wrote.
After the attack, the suspect fled, police said.
With blood oozing from a deep wound on his right arm, Watson drove a Chevy Cobalt from the school's playground area to nearby Town Park, where police say he flagged down two officers on a traffic detail for a summer bandstand concert.
Watson initially told police he didn't know his assailant. That is untrue, police said.
"There's been some bad history between the suspect and the victim," said Falvey.
Police obtained an arrest warrant in Milford District Court, charging the boy with attempted murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
They also searched his home last night.
Falvey said the suspect has a juvenile court record, and has been arrested before by Milford Police.
The victim was taken by ambulance to Milford Regional Medical Center, then to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, where a hospital spokeswoman yesterday said he was treated and released.
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