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LEOMINSTER -- Police are searching for a masked man suspected of robbing a downtown variety store at gunpoint Monday night, according to Leominster Police Sgt. Matthew Swaine.
Swaine said the incident could be related to pair of recent armed robberies in Fitchburg whose suspects fit similar descriptions.
Leominster Police received a call from a female clerk at Seanay's Package and Deli, at 218 Mechanic St., reporting a man with a small-framed semi-automatic entered the store around 7:45 p.m. and demanded money, Swaine said.
The suspect escaped on foot in an unknown direction, he said.
Fitchburg Police Capt. Philip Kearns said a masked man with a gun robbed Ray's Variety Store on River Street on Friday.
The suspect brandished a black revolver and demanded cash, Kearns said. The suspect then told everyone in the store to lie down on the floor and he left, Kearns said.
A suspect with a similar description robbed Nina's Subs and Pizza on Summer Street on Thursday, Oct. 30, according to Kearns.
The suspect in that case brandished a gun and told employees to get on the floor after he took the cash.
Swaine acknowledged the suspect in the Seanay's robbery "fit a similar description," but said he was unsure if police were officially considering the cases related.
He added that police responded quickly to the call. "Officers were on patrol nearby and they were there within 20 seconds after the call came in, (but) they were not able to catch the suspect," Swaine said. "I'm not sure whether Seanay's has any sort of surveillance installed."
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