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WILLISTON - Sheriff's officials say an armed home invader was shot and killed by a resident early Wednesday morning after the robber - one of two who had broken into the house - reportedly pointed a gun at him.

Marion County Sheriff's Office
Jonathan Gaal, 19, was shot and killed at a Williston-area home that sheriff's deputies believe he had broken into.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office is investigating the homicide and home invasion robbery, which occurred in the 19000 block of Northwest County Road 335 at about 2:30 a.m. Investigators say one of two brothers living at the house fatally shot one of the robbery suspects, Jonathan Gaal, 19.
The other robbery suspect was still unidentified and remained at large.
Roger Dan Garrison, 49, told investigators that he was sleeping in his bedroom when he heard his dog barking. He went into his living room and saw two men dressed in black with their faces covered, according to the Sheriff's Office report.
Garrison's brother, Martin Randy Garrison, 54, was sleeping in the living room on a couch that had a handgun underneath it. Martin Garrison told investigators that he grabbed the gun and shot Gaal at point blank range after Gaal pointed a gun at him.
"Both suspects continued out the back door," said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jenifer Fisher. "The shot suspect did not make it out of the front yard."
A sheriff's deputy found Gaal in the yard of the residence with a gun in his hand, according to the report.
Fisher said that Garrison is not facing any immediate charges because he acted in self defense. She went on to say investigators are considering several persons of interests as the possible second robber.

If this isn't perfect validation for the Heller decision, I don't know what is. Criminal scumbag breaks into law-abiding citizen's home while armed. Law-abiding citizen arms himself against this threat and kills scumbag who shouldn't have been in his house to begin with.

Law-abiding citizen isn't injured, criminal scumbag is dead, and the State of Florida doesn't have to pay for the trial and incarceration of one more "gangsta". I believe that's a win/win/win for everyone who matters.

Tough luck, Mr. Gaal. Pick a better target next time.

Oh wait.....there won't be a next time! :cool:
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