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A former Avondale, Arizona school resource officer accused of storing confiscated drugs in his desk and stealing money donated for a school club can never carry his badge again in the state.
Last week, the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board revoked Bradley C. Donahue's certification. AZ POST was alarmed because "he's in a position of trust as a police officer, and in this case also as a school resource officer," compliance manager Robert Forry said.
Avondale investigators found 25 packages containing confiscated cocaine and marijuana in his desk drawers at Westview High School, according to a police internal affairs report obtained by The Arizona Republic. They also found 15 packages of marijuana and meth in the trunk of Donahue's police vehicle, the report shows.
Donahue failed to investigate, document and impound the drugs, investigators reported.
"Donahue engaged in (a) pattern of serious malfeasance in a public office," Lt. Mark Gorla wrote in the internal probe, dated Jan. 17, 2006, days after the 10-year Avondale police veteran resigned after six months of paid leave. "Donahue was clearly incompetent in the position of police officer."
Donahue told investigators some of the drugs had been in his desk for three or more years and that he stored them because he was under pressure from supervisors to "keep (a former Westview official) happy."
While looking into the drugs, investigators learned that Donahue had taken $1,500 to start a car-racing club at the Avondale school but never produced any equipment, according to the report.
He pleaded guilty to theft and was sentenced to probation for 18 months, court documents show.
The stolen money was a donation from the late West Valley developer John F. Long.
For two years, Donahue evaded questions from school administrators before ultimately producing a hand-written receipt that investigators called a fabrication. Reached late Monday, Donahue, now a Glendale tattoo parlor owner, admitted to falsifying the receipt.
"I did something bad and I'm paying for it, and that's the way it should be," he said. " I deserve what I got."
Donahue said he worked hard to gather parts and put together race cars but couldn't keep track of the receipts. He sold the parts back to dealers when neither police nor school officials would accept responsibility for the club, he said.
"I had no idea what to do because I had never been in charge of a grant," Donahue said. "They left me out on a limb. They pretty much hung me out to dry."
Donahue said he was thrust into the Westview assignment without proper supervision or direction. In hindsight, he said, he should've asked for help.
"At my age, it's something that I should have known better," he said. "But they just said, 'here, go.' So I kind of winged it."

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What a disgrace.....being a Police Officer was clearly just a way to make a check for this guy...Its so hard to get on that I cant believe when people do something like this and embarass themselves, the uniform there family...all for a few bucks..
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