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Phoenix police investigators are trying to determine why an officer opened fire at a Central Phoenix apartment complex .
The officer was responding to a shooting call near 32nd Street and Thomas. Shortly after he arrived, he fired his weapon.

When his backup arrived, police found two men with multiple gunshot wounds. The men were transported to Maricopa Medical Center in serious condition. One was shot in the leg, another in the stomach and shoulder. The officer was not hurt.

Witnesses said they heard 10 gunshots around 8:00 p.m. Several hours later, investigators on the scene still could not tell reporters how the two men were injured.

KNXV-TV reported that police shot an armed man who was actually a victim. According to KNXV-TV, the man, whose house was broken into, was holding a suspect at bay with a weapon until police arrived.
A woman who had fled the house with her children told police the suspect had a gun, and when police entered the house they confronted the victim, not the suspect, according to the report.
The officer has been placed on administrative leave as is customary following such incidents.
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