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By Britt Johnson
Arizona Republic

MESA, Ariz. - Explosions and bright lights rang out from the East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa Tuesday afternoon, but it was all part of a demonstration lead by the Tempe Police Department SWAT Team.
Members of the SWAT Team were equipped in helmets and bulletproof vests, ready to teach EVIT's law enforcement students about what their jobs entail.
Tony Garcia, EVIT's law enforcement instructor, said a majority of his class is interested in working in a law-related field, and the presentation was a great way to get them involved.
"What I want them to get out of this is that they can achieve anything," Garcia said. "They can realize their dreams of being an officer."
The presentation started with the team reenacting a vehicle assault. Loud explosions were created as a diversion, and the SWAT team surrounded the vehicle. Two volunteer students were taken from the car, and the SWAT team showed the classes how they arrest a suspect.
Students were also allowed to view armored vehicles, robots and special tools used in SWAT operations.
Joe Rouget, a detective for the Tempe Police Department, said the SWAT team hopes the students gained a better understanding of how their operations work.
"This presentation is to give the students exposure to things like our special tactics, and so that they can ask questions, too," he said.
Carlos Gutierrez, an EVIT law enforcement student, said he enjoyed the presentation because he is interested in becoming a lawyer.
"I am learning a lot in just thirty minutes," Gutierrez said. "This is an experience you can't find anywhere else."
Amber Porter, captain of the law enforcement class, said she hopes to work in law enforcement for the F.B.I.
"This is a huge honor for me," Porter said. "They take care of business and get down and grungy. The SWAT team coming out is by far the biggest thing we've had yet this year."

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