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Are you kidding me ???????????????????????

Discussion in 'Military News' started by Simon, Mar 2, 2007.

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    If Jon Jarvis takes that flag pole down, he should do the following:

    - Remove the truck from the pole
    - Remove the map, razor, match, and bullet from the truck
    - Follow the map to recover the pistol
    - Slit his wrists, both, vertically with the razor
    - Light himself on fire with the match
    - Then load the bullet into the pistol and shoot hismelf in the fucking head

    With that being said, what this man intends to do is a travesty. He is obviously not a man of honor, for if he were he would understand the importance of honor to all those who have served. "Honor before all else". To disturb this memorial is a dishonor, not only to those remembered by the memorial, but to all those who have served and made sacrafices for their country. Sacrafices made so that fellow Americans, Jon Jarvis included, may enjoy and continue to enjoy, the freedoms that they hold so dear today. Our freedom was not handed to us, it was earned. It was won on battlefields, and at tremendous costs. It was paid for with blood sweat and tears. The lives of many honorable men and women were traded for this freedom. The least Jon Jarvis could do is show some god damn appreciation and respect.

    I encourage all to sign this petition, and as always, pray for and support the men and women of our Armed Forces!

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