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AR-15/M16/M4 Platform versatility

Quite a few departments have the AR-15/M16 platform either by Colt or any number of manufacturers. In terms of lifecycle and versatility these platforms are hard to beat. There's a bounty of aftermarket grips, guards, rail systems, lights, lasers, sighting devices available but more importantly there are various different "uppers" available that can extend, change, or enhance the AR-15/M16 platform.

LRM M169/M164 Suppressed Upper
Lee Minor of LRM Firearms builds an excellent upper in 9mm and now .40 S&W.
"The M-169 suppressed upper comes complete with: Suppressor, Barrel, Oly Mid-Length Handguard Rail System, 9mm A3 Flat-Top Receiver, Ramped 9mm Bolt, 9mm Two Piece Buffer, Charging Handle and a One Piece Hahn Precision 9mm Magazine Adapter"
In the instance of the M164 the only difference is the caliber change.
The LRM upper is unique in that it allows for the use of standard ball ammunition. Because of its barrel and suppressor design, it will keep the bullet subsonic while using standard 9mm ammo.
LRM Firearms

Video of M-169

Alexander Arms, LLC .50 Beowulf
"50 Beowulf™ is designed to generate devastating stopping power. It combines the rugged reliability of the AR15/M16 style family of weapons with a purpose designed cartridge. This highly compact, lightweight and dependable weapon will deliver a 400-grain JFP bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1800 ft/sec for overwhelming terminal ballistics. Alternative projectiles are available such as a 325 grain JHP (1950 ft/sec), 334 grain FMJ & JHP. Special duty rounds are available for GMP customers only."
This is an excellent support firearm for tactical teams, the .50 Beowulf has can easily penetrate windshields and most barricade material.

Alexander Arms

Great article on AA's .50 Beowulf

The benefit to these systems is obviously a reduction in training and familiarization cost. If your officers are used to the AR-15/M16 platform these quick change uppers can extend the life of your existing AR's or expand their mission.

Posted Sun 01 Aug, 2004 22:47:

Another interesting adaptation of the AR-15/M16 system is the Ares Shrike.

"The Shrike LMG conversion was designed by Geoffrey A. Herring of Ares Defense Systems. The stated goal was to produce a compact and ultra-lightweight 5.56mm belt-fed rifle or Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)... without subtracting a rifleman."

I'm not really sure where this would fit in modern police work, it's been designed more for Special Operations/Military use. Granted, in todays enviroment - this might be a useful tool for certain law enforcement situations...but I would hate to see them.

One drawback to this system is that it was supposed to be shipping over a year ago...and has not yet made it into the hands of the department/dealers that have ordered them.

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