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Newspaper Published Surveillance Photo

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. -- A newspaper employee was arrested after his colleagues said they recognized him as the man pictured in a surveillance photo published by their paper.
Robert C. Cleveland, 32, of Lawrence, was charged with armed robbery after his arrest Thursday.
North Andover police had released a surveillance photo of a man accused of robbing a CVS Pharmacy and then apologizing to the clerk for his actions. Cleveland, according to police, showed the clerk a handgun.
"The clerk was giving him some money from the register when the suspect apologized and said 'that's enough' and left the store," said Detective Lt. Paul Gallagher.
Several employees at the Eagle-Tribune newspaper recognized Cleveland from the picture provided by police and published in the paper.
"We got a phone call from an Eagle-Tribune manager who was approached by several employees who said it might be one of their own employees," Gallagher said.
Cleveland works in the paper's mailroom, which is right next to the pharmacy.
"Once we were given the information, we noticed the photo of the driver's license was very similar to the one we were looking to identify," said Gallagher.

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I wonder if he had even noticed that his picture was in the paper that he worked for?
Hell, he probably published the article!

I was at that CVS about 15 minutes before that happened. Went to Dunkins down the road + Wendys after that and all of the sudden atleast 10 Lawrence cruisers came flying down 114 towards North Andover...
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