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Anyone use a Sprigfield XD 4"service

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These seem to be really catching on now. Any departments in MA issuing them or has anyone gotten one for themselves? I'm will be choosing the XD over the Glock for my duty weapon and now I am looking towards holster options. I have an Uncle Mike's Pro-3 size 18 for up to 4in medium automatics and wonder how well the 4" might fit. I tried emailing uncle mike's and they actually suggested a size 25 which would usually be used w/ a Glock 21. Thought this was odd because the XD 4" should be close to the dimensions of the G23. Just trying to see if anyone has any info. Let know if you have one in Central MA and wouldn't mind test fitting in my holster.
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From what I have read and discussed it looks like a winner.
My only Springfield on hands experience is my M-1 Garand

Shooting Times and American Handgunner had articles on the XD in .40 S&W earlier this year.
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