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Emery T. Tenney, 30, of Belfast, is facing four theft charges, five burglary charges and a charge of refusing to submit to arrest or detention.
Belfast Patrolman Bryan Cunningham said Tenney was allegedly involved in three residential burglaries and four motor vehicle break-ins between Sunday, Oct. 5 and Wednesday morning, Oct. 8.
All of the break-ins, said Cunningham, were committed on the Shepard and West Waldo roads, which are in the neighborhood of Tenney's residence. Cunningham believes Tenney committed the burglaries while traveling on foot.
Cunningham said that Wednesday morning, Belfast police received a pair of burglary complaints.
"A woman was leaving her residence at 9 Wednesday morning, and she sees this guy walking by; he actually waved to her," said Cunningham. "When she came back home at around 10:40, she noticed her house had been entered."
A second neighborhood resident left his home at about 8:30 a.m., Cunningham said, and when he returned home at 11 a.m. he found his home had been entered as well.
Cunningham said the woman's description of the man walking past her home earlier in the day led police to Tenney.
Cunningham called Maine State Police Trooper Stephen Hills and his K-9 Ruger to assist with the investigation. In the meantime, Maine State Police Trooper Donald Webber was situated near Tenney's residence at the Belfast end of Route 7. Tenney apparently left his home through a rear window and was walking when Webber spotted him.
"[Tenney] decided to take off, and they got into a scuffle," said Cunningham.
Webber, said Cunningham, snagged Tenney by his shirt to detain him, and Tenney allegedly slipped out of the shirt and ran. Webber called for assistance, and Hills and Ruger responded.
Ruger and Hills tracked Tenney behind the Laundromat next to Webba's Roadhouse, where police took him into custody.
Cunningham said police are building an inventory of recovered items. As of Thursday morning, Cunningham said Tenney is suspected of pilfering a pipe and compact discs from two of the residences. Cunningham said police believe Tenney stole prescription medications from some residences, which they have not been recovered.
Tenney's bail, initially set at $5,000 cash, was increased to $15,000 cash. He is scheduled to appear Dec. 18, in Fifth District Court.
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